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This is a question Cheap Tat

OneEyedMonster remindes us about the crap you can buy in pound shops: "Batteries that lasted about an hour and then died. A screwdriver with a loose handle so I couldn't turn the damn screw, and a tape measure which wasn't at all accurate."

Similarly, my neighbour bought a lawnmower from Argos that was so cheap the wheels didn't go round, it sort of skidded over the grass whilst gently back-combing it.

What's the cheapest, most useless crap you've bought?

(, Fri 4 Jan 2008, 7:26)
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Computer Fairs
OK, I'm a geek. I love computer fairs. I should bloody know by now, but I don't. Appalling random crap I've bought includes:

A whole PC - laden with illegal software, plus software that *should* have been banned, like Windows ME. Around the time that I got it legit (installed Linux) the disk died anyway.

A USB keyboard with typing errors on it... "Caps Look" anyone? The keytops being a mix of UK and US was a nice touch.

A powered USB hub - nice and slimline, looked good, came with the USB cable. All good, I thought, until I plugged a hi-power device into it and - where's the power supply?

Some memory. Half of it didn't work.

A cordless phone... with a big red "NOT APPROVED" sticker on it, despite the green one on the box.

A CD drive - to be honest, I don't know if it broke the CD, or if the CD broke it, but let's just say that the sound of a CD exploding in a drive is something that I won't forget in a hurry.

Another keyboard... lasted a week.

And the only thing that's still working - I bought an iTrip for £15. It's still working several months later. I could have got two for £20, too.

Computer fairs - just don't.
(, Tue 8 Jan 2008, 12:29, 2 replies)
I met Gaz Top and Daley Thompson in a computer fair once.
My boss called Daley Thompson a wanker. Those were the days....
(, Tue 8 Jan 2008, 12:32, closed)
I do love computer fairs
but I can never bring myself to buy something expensive that can break (like most computer equipment)

Other things are fair game tho - like cheap tat and illegal software you can't be arsed to search for on bittorrent
(, Tue 8 Jan 2008, 16:05, closed)

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