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This is a question Cheap Tat

OneEyedMonster remindes us about the crap you can buy in pound shops: "Batteries that lasted about an hour and then died. A screwdriver with a loose handle so I couldn't turn the damn screw, and a tape measure which wasn't at all accurate."

Similarly, my neighbour bought a lawnmower from Argos that was so cheap the wheels didn't go round, it sort of skidded over the grass whilst gently back-combing it.

What's the cheapest, most useless crap you've bought?

(, Fri 4 Jan 2008, 7:26)
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another student story
With a student loan in my bank and a morning to skive off me and my friends went to Netto to get some cheap grub. When we spotted - sitting in the middle of the isle - on special offer, a Banana tree - about 4-5 ft tall. Even better - it was only £2.50!!!!

Being students we were instanlty drawn to its aura of the 'ultimate buy'.

we took it back to our halls, and placed it in the kitchen, watering it periodically putting it in the sun ETC... it was funny to everyone who came by for about a week, then it turned yellow, wilted and died.

I felt kinds sad because it had probably taken 4 years of tender loving care for the tree to get to this size - it was a fine specimen... if only the gardener who grew it knew the life it was destined for...

Then again the label did say keep in green house or similar above 15*c with high values of sunlight.... (basically tropical atmosphere)

instead I was in sheffield...mid winter...with a botched heating system, with one window, and we smoked....alot
(, Tue 8 Jan 2008, 13:06, Reply)

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