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This is a question The most childish thing you've done as an adult

Davros' Grandad confesses: On visiting my ex-wife's house, I wiped my bum on the toothbrush belonging to the bloke she ran off with. At least, I thought it was his toothbrush.

(, Thu 17 Sep 2009, 14:36)
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I have so many...
One of my recent favourites though was walking through Target, there was one of those bins which they place in the middle of the walkway to attract the attention of impulse buyers and/or kids pestering their mothers. The bin was full of "super bouncy balls" which seem to be popular. They're the ones which look like raquetballs.

I picked one out of the bin, and gave it a few test bounces. I was sufficiently pleased.

I looked up at the ceiling of Target. It was about 8-9 metres (25' or so).

I gave the ball a mighty bounce, hoping to make it gently hit the ceiling. Instead, it slammed into the ceiling, and made an almighty racket. I dissolved in laughter. My wife was mortified, and proceeded to tell me off for being such a child.

To make things that much more satisfying, Standing a couple of metres away was an adolescent girl, who had just been told off by her mother for bouncing the balls. As we walked away, tears streaming down my face, barely able to breathe, the child was complaining to her mother: "See, he got to do it....."
(, Sat 19 Sep 2009, 22:08, Reply)

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