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This is a question Claims to Fame

Rob writes, "My photoshop claim to fame: the way the crop tool greys out the rest of the image? That was my idea. I sent it to the Abobe features request thing back in ooh probably about 1998. (After spending a frustrating day cropping images for a dull
website, and wishing the tool worked better.)"

What crappy claims to fame can you make?

(, Thu 24 Feb 2005, 12:49)
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The Big Man
"The Big Man" was filmed in my village, and although I wasn't in it, it provides a multitude of claims to fame. My cousin hit Liam Neeson in the face with a wad of paper, my uncle had a speaking part which he rehearsed for weeks and which was cut out, and, best of all, my ex wife who is currently shacked up with some twat in my bloody house, is in it. First few frames of the film..... screaming blonde child on school railings. Blink and shes gone though, much like being married to her. Oh, and Billy Connolly had dinner in her house, but thats enough about her.
Oh and my dad once asked Billy Connolly if he'd like a drink. He said no thanks.
/Edit Christ nearly forgot, saw Michelle Collins (her that shot Ian Beale in eastenders) in glasgow airport 2 years ago. She was dragging a child about. I once saw a picture of her nipple, and felt mildly embarrased seeing her in real life. Not that I had, you know, over it. Oh and Mick Hucknall once walked past me and I didn't notice. Apparently.
/Nuther edit - a Lanarkshire TV newsreader and ex-Lorenzo Amoruso bit of fluff once fiddled (bloody filter, I wish,cu ddled)me at primary school, and apparently told my wife she'd quite like a go at me if I wasn't married when they were drunk. But she might have made that up, she's good at that. I like to think t's true though.
(, Tue 1 Mar 2005, 23:27, Reply)

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