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Dan Prick tugs our coat and tells us: "I'm enormously middle class, and was once dragged along to a bingo club by a former girlfriend and her mum. It's incredible the fury you can whip up in a room of old biddies winning a fuckton of money and telling them 'This is a load of old shit, really'". Like Pulp's Common People, have you ever tried to act down, or act up?

(, Thu 20 Mar 2014, 15:29)
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An acquaintance worked for Inland Revenue and in times gone by he would not have met this
particular chap because he would have become a CofE cleric, what with the old expression of the first inherits and looks after the family affairs, the next does something in the military but the CofE raised its standards and the nice but dim ones from old money were no longer allowed.

The story, the IR colleagues were enjoying a drink in Kensington public house and these colleagues come from a wide variety of social backgrounds. They were discussing films and a recently released film was the loose biopic, Nil By Mouth. One of the workers said that they enjoyed the film but mainly because it was shot on location on his estate. At which point the young, nice, dim, old money with title says "Oh, how marvellous! How many acres?"
(, Fri 21 Mar 2014, 11:32, Reply)

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