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This is a question Clients Are Stupid

I once had to train a client on how to use their new website. I said, "point the mouse at that button." They looked at me with a quizzical expression, picked up the mouse and held it to the screen. Can you beat this bit of client stupidity?

(, Sun 28 Dec 2003, 22:47)
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Mc Deadly
Worked here years ago. The stupidity of the 'clientele' never ceased to frighten me. This is all around 1991-1995 by the way.

Veggies were my favourite.
V (in whiny teenage voice) - 'Oh, I can never eat here, you don't do veggie food like BK do'
V2 - 'No, we can't even eat chips, 'cos they're cooked in beef fat'
Me - 'No they're not, not anymore anyway'
V - 'Yes they are'
Me - 'No, really, they're not'
V - 'Oh, I suppose I'll just have to have an apple pie then'
Me - 'Err, are you sure about that?'
V - 'Oh yes, they're OK, I mean you can't really put meat in an apple pie, can you?'

Veggie continues beng a royal pain until she swallows the first bite of the pie. THis is where I take the customer information from the rack behind her and point out the bit that says al fries are cooked in 100% vegetable oil, and the bit in the apple pie ingredients where it says the pastry contains animal fat.

Har Har.

The people who complained about hairs in their burger when there was one bite left - was usually a moustache hair anyway.

And people who wanted a fresh Big Mac, so came up with 'I have to have one without gherkin, I'm allergic to it, and don't just take the gherkin out - it'll make me ill, so you have to make a fresh one.'

Five minutes later, flid would come back complaining there was no sauce in his Big Mac. Cue me smiling sweetly them saying, 'Of course sir, you did say you were allergic to gherkins and there are chopped gherkins in the sauce'

Which really pissed them off.

So glad I no longer have to deal with the general public.
(, Fri 2 Jan 2004, 12:12, Reply)

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