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This is a question Clubs, gangs, and societies

Munsta asks: What groups or clubs have you been a part of? Are you part of a secret underground movement with aims to bring down the government, are you part of a yiffing cult, or do you get together with friends in an evening for a drunken game of soggy biscuit?

(, Thu 21 Jun 2012, 13:44)
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weight watchers
anyone who's tried almost every diet known to man will, at one time or another, have been tempted to join weight watchers. this includes me.
sweet dancing grandma, what a godawful place! a chilly church hall packed tightly with fat women, all of them desperately hoping that they've lost a pound or two and most of them smelling of stale sweat. they all bring a piece of scabby-looking fruit with them, which is given as a prize to the person who loses most weight that week. i'd rather put weight on than eat that sodding fruit. some of those women looked far from clean, fuck knows what germs were lurking on their granny smiths.
despite promises of confidentiality, everyone was weighed in front of the group and their current weight reported out loud. that seemed very wrong to me, but fortunately, i was a first-timer and had only gone along to see what it was like. underwhelmed doesn't quite cover it.
now, i'm not saying weight watchers is a bad thing, i'm simply saying that my experience of our local branch was not good. i definitely wouldn't go there again.
(, Fri 22 Jun 2012, 13:00, Reply)

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