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This is a question Clubs, gangs, and societies

Munsta asks: What groups or clubs have you been a part of? Are you part of a secret underground movement with aims to bring down the government, are you part of a yiffing cult, or do you get together with friends in an evening for a drunken game of soggy biscuit?

(, Thu 21 Jun 2012, 13:44)
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Religious Differences
I used to belong to a group. Then it became apparent that the leader was a committed Christian, and was intent on using his position to push his belief system on the members. I attempted to engage him in reasoned, rational debate, but to no avail, so reluctantly I had to leave.

It was the Cubs. I was seven.
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 14:01, 2 replies)
Ha! I used to be an atheist Scout Leader.
I lied at my interview board about "believing in something", and then taught the kids to ask awkward questions about God and acceptable excuses for missing Church Parades.
(, Tue 26 Jun 2012, 5:28, closed)
This is an excellent idea

(, Tue 26 Jun 2012, 13:40, closed)

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