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This is a question Conned

swiftyisNOTevil writes, "I have recently become obsessed with the BBC Three show 'The Real Hustle' - personally, I think of it as a 'How To' show for aspiring con artists."

Have you carried out a successful con? Perhaps you hustled a few quid off a stranger, or defrauded a multi-national company. Or have you been taken for the wide-eyed, naive rube that you are?

(, Thu 18 Oct 2007, 13:02)
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botanic ripoff
not really proud of it now that i read it..but hey we were young, stupid and poor..etc

in my city's botanic garden there used to be a gigantic Hemp tree..of course not the right breed for smoking, (used for ropes and stuff).
but the leaves looked & smelled pretty much like the real deal..one night a bunch of friends and I jumped over the garden walls, cut the whole thing (about 4 meters high) we manage to "sort of " fold it in three and place it in the trunk of the 2cv.
later that night we dried it by stuffing leaves into the microwave oven, after about 3 minutes you had like a square kilo of dried "marijane"

we then went on a selling spree on the local coast that summer, visiting various Posh campsites..of course we had some good weed to smoke & make people confident with buying from us.
we sold nearly everything over a few days, some people even asking for more (WTF?..that thing would give you the biggest headache and no hight AT ALL)...on a few occasions we had to run real fast though.
(, Tue 23 Oct 2007, 15:33, Reply)

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