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This is a question Controversial Beliefs

Some mugs still think the MMR injection gives children autism (it doesn't), while others are of the belief that we're ruled by billionaire lizard people. Tell us about views outside the mainstream which people go glassy eyed if you bang on about them (Your grandad's a racist - no need to tell us, thanks)

Suggested by Frample Thromwibbler

(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 12:06)
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I've heard that Joseph Lucas, founder of Lucas Industries, manufacturer of spare parts for cars, believed that electric circuits worked not through the flow of electrons but smoke. Proof: when a circuit failed smoke was seen to escape.

Not sure if it's true but I did find this link:
NOS Lucas Replacement Wiring Harness Smoke Kit
(, Fri 26 Apr 2013, 9:08, 1 reply)
Could well be
I know Lucas automotive electrics are really prone to loosing their smoke.
(, Fri 26 Apr 2013, 13:32, closed)

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