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This is a question Council Cunts

Stallion Explosion writes "I was in a record shop in Melbourne, flicking through the vinyl, when I found a record entitled 'Hackney Council Are A Bunch Of Cunts'"

We agree.

Have you been trapped in the relentless petty minded bureaucracy of your local council?
Why does it require 3 forms of ID to get a parking permit when the car in question is busy receiving a parking ticket right outside the parking office?

Or do you work for Hackney Council?

(, Thu 26 Jul 2007, 10:51)
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Not me but my fiance...
He works for NTL (now virgin) and they are as rubbish to their staff as they are to their customers. They've screwed him over his money more times than i can mention and are just rude to him when he asks them to sort it out and please dont do it again.
Some of the stories about the people he works with are priceless. They connect customers to other customers when they ring, answer the phones and then put it on silent, purposefully not fill in the details and generally lie to everyone that rings. They are indeed a bunch of vindictive twats who think that everyone who rings is beneath them and not worth their time to help.
Not my fiance tho, he's nice and keeps getting told off for spending too much time (more than 5 min) on the phone with customers and ringing them back trying to sort out their problems. Also he always puts free time on and credits their bills when he says he will. There are some (about 5) intelligent people working for NTL but they are managed by such fucktards that all their good effort is undone in about a nanosecond.
More to the theme - my mate wanted to stay in the council flat she had after she hit 16 but they wouldn't let her and told her the only way to keep it was to get pregnant! Woo hoo for Dudley, home of pre-teen pregnancy!
(, Thu 2 Aug 2007, 9:21, Reply)

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