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This is a question Hotel Splendido

Enzyme writes, "what about awful hotels, B&Bs, or friends' houses where you've had no choice but to stay the night?"

What, the place in Oxford that had the mattresses encased in plastic (crinkly noises all night), the place in Blackpool where the night manager would drum to the music on his ipod on the corridor walls as he did his rounds, or the place in Lancaster where the two single beds(!) collapsed through metal fatigue?

Add your crappy hotel experiences to our list.

(, Thu 17 Jan 2008, 16:05)
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I've seen it all.
I used to work for the company that makes those graduation T-shirts with everyone's name on the back. Part of my job was to go to graduations the length and breadth of the UK and actually sell the things on the day. So when it comes to the multiplicity of shoddy and unsalubrious hostelries out there believe me, I've seen it all and worse. In '06 I stayed in a pretty low dive in Wrexham where all the rooms came off a long narrow corridor with a shared bathroom about halfway down it. Wrexham makes you feel dirty so I had my evening shower but when I tugged open the bathroom door to leave I saw a sight to chill the very blood.

The ancient white-haired man staying in the room directly opposite the bathroom had rightly surmised that since only three feet or so of threadbare carpet separated his own door from the bathroom he'd be able to skip getting dressed altogether and dash across to the shower in the blink of an eye without anyone seeing him. It would've worked too, had I not chosen that precise moment to leave the bathroom myself. There's some sights you just can't un-see, and the look of utter shame and defeat on the moist-eyed face of a naked septuagenarian, quivering hand outstretched to open the bathroom door, is one of them. That and his battered cock and droopy white-haired ballbag.
(, Mon 21 Jan 2008, 0:18, Reply)

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