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This is a question Crap meals out

I'd chosen to take my in-laws to one of my favourite restaurants, only to discover it had changed hands the week before. We waited half an hour to get menus. The waitress broke the cork in the wine we ordered. She got our order wrong. The food was luke-warm, mine was overcooked, the rest was undercooked. After waiting another 40 minutes for the last course, we were told that we couldn't have any as the chef had "forgotten to de-frost the puddings".

Let's just say they didn't get a tip. Tell us of your crap meals out.

(, Thu 27 Apr 2006, 14:22)
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My parents dragged me out with my brother to a pub not too far away from me. I suppose I shouldn't have been that annoyed 'cos I was kinda looking forward to it.

Just wait till I got in this "pub" (that's part of a well known UK wide chain of pubs)

Firstly, they didn't have my favourite brand of Cider...aka Strongbow.

Secondly, they didn't even have my favourite brand of pre-mixed drink thing...aka Smirnoff Ice (Vodka + Lemon)

Thirdly, I don't know why I didn't get a coke.

Fourthly, I ended up having Orange Juice..but not a normal orange juice, bitty orange juice. I CAN'T STAND ORANGE JUICE WITH BITS IN IT!

I can't remember how the meal was but I expect it was crap too.
(, Sun 30 Apr 2006, 2:57, Reply)

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