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This is a question Crappy Prizes

Competitions, raffles, give-aways... sure the prizes look great, but don't they always turn out a bit crap should you happen to win them?

The last raffle I bought tickets for, they'd just given away the all-expenses paid weekend in New York when my number came up. Rushing up to find out what I'd won, I was a little disappointed to be handed a box of "Biscuits for Cheese". Especially as they were busy serving the cheese course (complete with biscuits) as they drew the raffle.

(, Thu 4 Aug 2005, 11:16)
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well having won nothing ever - my luck changed recently at a charity casino night. I gambles - i won! i beat everone there and ended up with an MP3 apparently worth £80! then in the raffle i won a lovely handbag!

two weeks later and my MP3 has broken and the hadbag is actually a really odd colour. I havn't been given a guarante for my MP3 and i'm quite annoyed. bugger.
(, Mon 8 Aug 2005, 18:34, Reply)

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