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This is a question Cross Dressing

The last time I wore a skirt was not as liberating or exciting as it could have been. I'd lost a drinking game and had been given the task of running from the bar, across the road and back again whilst wearing a friends clothes as a forfeit.

Easy, I thought. I hadn't reckoned on them getting every person in the pub to block my way back to the bar whilst I was outside. I had to FIGHT my way through. And I'm not much of a fighter.

Your own thoughts on cross dressing for fun, pleasure or profit are most welcome.

(, Thu 15 Mar 2007, 15:05)
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Treasure Hunt
In the early 90's an insurance company in London used to host a treasure hunt around the city. CIGNA for those of you who might know.

Anyway me and 4 other guys in the office decided to give it a go and entered for a couple of quid for charity. When we received the forms back we saw that there was a prize for fancy dress. We were not thickos but we were never going to win the damn things as we were out to get ratted and enjoy ourselves, so we decided to aim for the fancy dress prize.

We threw out several ideas until we hit upon a novel idea. We brought in old suits and shirts and cut the backs out of them including the trousers. We also had to bring in our wives / girlfriends bras, suspender belts, stockings and knickers to wear underneath. So from the front we looked completely normal city workers - suit, shirt, tie but from the back all you saw was womens underwear.

Sadly my girlfriend didn't have a suspendeer belt, so I had to hunt round the office trying to find a girl that happened to be wearing 'the kit' on the day of the treasure hunt. I hit paydirt after a while and as she was fit and game went to the loo and whipped it off. You can't imagine the feeling of a recently removed suspender belt, still warm and smelling of her perfume as I put it on. Hmm (thanks Sandra)

A great night, we came mid table for the treasure hunt but first in the fancy dress. The girls would not leave us alone all night, but mostly pinging our bras or suspender belts and saying "see, its annoying isn't it" to which we obviously said no, we love it.

Didn't take off the suspender belt until the next morning when my gf told me to take it off "you perv".

Then I made her
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 8:51, Reply)

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