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This is a question Cross Dressing

The last time I wore a skirt was not as liberating or exciting as it could have been. I'd lost a drinking game and had been given the task of running from the bar, across the road and back again whilst wearing a friends clothes as a forfeit.

Easy, I thought. I hadn't reckoned on them getting every person in the pub to block my way back to the bar whilst I was outside. I had to FIGHT my way through. And I'm not much of a fighter.

Your own thoughts on cross dressing for fun, pleasure or profit are most welcome.

(, Thu 15 Mar 2007, 15:05)
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Boring QOTW??
What's more boring are long stories with no paragraph breaks.

I like most of the long stories.

But when I see no paragraph breaks, I usually go to the next one.

Otherwise my eyes water and I get cross if I'm trying to dress & read.
(, Thu 22 Mar 2007, 4:37, Reply)
Blah blah blah

saying that I've always wanted to get into womens knickers.......

bahdum tish....
(, Thu 22 Mar 2007, 0:27, Reply)
Mr. Stingray...
Managed to successfully piss me off a few months back. So I stopped doing his laundry for a bit.

We work different hours, so he isn't always around when I get back from the office. I'd had a long, irritating day at work, & decided that an evening to myself was the perfect opportunity to laze around in my pyjamas/underwear.

I went to get out my favourite pink satin vest-top-thingy & hotpant combo, & was most confused as to why the hotpants weren't where they should be. In fact, I'm the sort of person who *hates* not being able to find things. So I turned the entire house upside down looking. No joy.

Fast forward a few hours, hubby dearest gets home from work, & I take him into the bedroom for a spot of 'marital relations'. All is going well, until I unzip his fly to reveal... my missing pink satin hotpants. Kinda killed the mood a bit.

Turns out the lazy fucker wasn't wearing them out of curiousity (allegedly!), but because he had run out of clean boxers & couldn't be arsed to figure out how the washing machine worked. Nice.
(, Thu 22 Mar 2007, 0:08, Reply)
I do ignore him so no problem here, I just wish he'd post more insightful stuff instead of whimsical crap I might have found funny in the SU bar 11 years ago.

That's excusable, but to address every criticism with a "I regularly get in the best of QOTW, ergo I'm funny" attitude grates somewhat, after all if you shoot a blunderbuss at a close enough target you're bound to hit it, no?
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 23:21, Reply)
Christ almighty leave the guy alone - if you dont like his stuff, just ignore it. Its really not hard.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 22:56, Reply)
Worst QOTW ever!
Maybe cos I'm a girl cross dressing doesn't have the same shock value.

Ooh I'm wearing trousers(!) \o/


Let's play a better game. What does the spunk of fictional characters taste like?

HP first
Dumbledore- parma violets and wisdom
Snape- regret
Weasleys- red apples and courage

etc, etc.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 22:14, Reply)
Reality check on line 1?

Uh - I guess, on topic, some of my pants look not unlike some girl's boy-shorts....

Not silk though.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 18:38, Reply)
Couple o' weeks...
I'll be entering in the 'alternative carnival queen' compo at the Purton Carnival.
I've got my cocktail dress all set out.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 18:20, Reply)
RE: message below

what do you mean? I haven't complained about the topic.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 18:00, Reply)
you (i.e. apewankerage et al.) don't like the question, or the answers, then don't read them, and, better yet, don't post. YOU ARE NOT IMPROVING ANYTHING. You are just turning the QOTW board into a week-by-week vomitorium.

Edit: re message above: you constantly pollute the QOTW with drivel; you mean it's because you like the topic?

Edit2: and it's not just ape; it's all you idiots an your "clever" remarks. It's irritaiting, and is much more likely to ruin a QOTW than improve it.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 17:36, Reply)
I dressed as my mum once
Then I looked at the suggestions page for QOTW, submitted by users, and found hundreds of more interesting topics than this one. That made me cross.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 16:48, Reply)
* Oh, and one called "complete cunt" where when someone clicks it an icon of Apeloverage appears.

Well fair enough - given that some people on this forum seem ridiculously obsessed with me.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 15:54, Reply)
Excellenet point about men being more suited to dresses. I'm fed up of getting Betty Swollocks at work. But I work at a caravan site and as hard as I pretend to be, I'd have the shit kicked out of me rather damn quickly.

But I really am quite fed up of Testicles bathing in my own heat induced juices. so you know, swings and roundabouts eh..
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 15:34, Reply)
Oh yes
The barrel gets scraped just one last time, ready..

One of my favourite pastimes is stroking impure matter.

I'm a dross caresser.

Christ I'm bored, and to the person who says get a life. We have lives thank you muchly, just not during the hours of 9-5.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 15:29, Reply)
Just a thought!
Instead of you lot all sitting here waiting for the qotw to change so you can make up more crap jokes, why don't you go out and get a life.

Men have absolutly no patience.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 14:24, Reply)
Those fucking bitches...
I was about 8 or so when during the Carnival season (a.k.a. Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras - celebrated in some countries in merry old Europe and during which people dress up just like it’s Halloween) it was decided that the best costume I could wear that year was an antique children’s uniform from a highly reputed military school – simply because the uniform was genuine and I was small enough to wear it.
Now, that school was for boys only and it happens that I am not a boy. More even, I was a girl at the age when all children are mean and cruel. So when I was proudly joining my playmates bearing my very smart uniform and my very smart cap, the girls (probably envious of my super cool costume) decided I looked very silly and said I could not play with them unless I wore a different costume.
Immediately I ran home and grabbed the flashiest dress I could find, quickly ditching the uniform and cap and replacing it with pink frills and pigtails.
When I got near the girls again I noticed some weird snickers but none of them said a word and I was ignorant of the collective joke until I got home and looked in the mirror. Looking back at me I saw a rosy cheeked girl in pigtails and pink frills still wearing a curly brown moustache my sister had drawn on my upper lip with a felt pen for my role of a dashing young officer…
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 12:55, Reply)
trying to get the first post on the new QOTW is going to have to be trying to post at 00:01 tomorrow morning, I think.

This is going to be the fastest disappearing QOTW since they began.

I once put on a pair of my mum's shoes as a laugh with my mates when I was about 9. They made me fall off my skateboard. Lesson learned.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 11:45, Reply)
I'm sort of cross dressed right now, does that count?
Wearing a pair of size 16 boot fit Levis, with lycra (they're way more flattering to the legs than many men's jeans) and sporting shaved arms. The rest of me is noticeably male.

I don't tend to go for dresses - it's really not my sort of thing. I do however like nail varnish, and glitter. This gathers attention, some of it from people checking me out but pretending they're not, some compliments and some outright arseholes from which I gain immense pleasure from telling them that I feel 'more comfortable in nail varnish' and not giving them any excuse to try and punch me, which winds them up no end.

Yes, I do like women quite a lot. Plus some men too..

Any form of cross dressing does tend to polarise opinion though. People either somewhat like or dislike it; in my experience it's not a particularly effective pulling tool, although that's not why I dress that way - YMMV. I suspect there's a very large difference in many cases between someone who does it as a bit of fun, to someone who does it regularly and on a serious basis..

Some women don't react well to you being better at putting on makeup or wearing clothes than them..

Men wearing women's underwear is fairly wrong though. M&S and others sell nice, non tacky, silky mens pants if you want that and they're designed to be properly supportive.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 11:37, Reply)
Drunk. GF's clothes. Fancy Dress.
Blah blah.

Next QOTW. Now. Please.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 11:13, Reply)
Treasure Hunt reminds me of
my last day at Sixth Form.

We had a list of things to get including the Principal's tie and some chemicals from the chemistry lab that kind of thing. However, one of the items requested was a "First year's bra" (that's first year sixth former, btw) which might have proved problematic were it not for the intervention of Katherine, a first year of my acquaintance.

Katherine was sturdily built and her matronly frontage resembled a dead heat in a Zeppelin race. She read through my list, handed me back the piece of paper and in the middle of the college concourse reached into her T shirt and after some brief shuffling handed me her brassiere on the vague condition that she got it back at some point.

This thing was constructed like the Humber Bridge and was scarily weighty even when empty. I recall walking toward my fellow Scavenger Hunt team members with the bra in my hand noting that it was still warm...

How Katherine coped without extensive support for the remainder of the day I'll never know.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 10:32, Reply)
why do women wear skirts and men wear trousers?

I mean, really, men would be more suited to skirts; what with the more natural ventilation and space. Also, our legs wouldn't get as cold seeing as we have more hair.

Women however, seeing as they have less hair and a smaller need for space 'down south', would be more suited to trousers surely?

Then again; men wearing skirts risks glimpses of things that would cause most people to gag, whereas looking at a fine lady's legs in a skirt is a great sight to behold.

Just a thought.

Also: mongthemerciless; Why have a cunt button if it causes an image of a cock to appear next to someones name? Surely it should be a cock button or a picture of a cunt?
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 10:21, Reply)
Camping around
On a camping trip a few years back my girlfriend and I set up the tent then went for a walk. Unfortunately I slipped on some cow shit and fell into a ditch with about 2foot of sloppy, smelly muddy water. Heading back to the camp site I went for a shower and asked my girlfriend to bring me some clean clothes, towel etc so that I didn't make the tent mucky. Luckily, as it was late october there was nobody else (apart from the wardens etc) about so she could come into the male shower block without worry. After handing me a towel she then handed me a bag with some of her clothes in. I'd only forgotten to put my bag in the car before driving the 250 miles so had none of my own clothes. As you may imagine I got some strange looks the next day (we arrived on a sunday and in them days shops weren't open on a sunday) going around York wearing a flowery skirt and purple blouse.

Although it did give us some ideas to spice up our love life.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 10:21, Reply)
I was in some bar in Rotherham (I'm so very sorry about that one) and noticed a girl with nice, soft, flowing hair, fitted shirt and - no, wait, it's a man.

(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 10:20, Reply)
Easy mistake to make
2nd year uni. My flat mate stands at the window, gazing out onto the sunny Edinburgh street below.

"Hey Rev, come and check out this stunning blonde" he hoots excitedly.

I charge over (as one does) to see the sight of a slim creature, with long blonde hair cascading down over the shoulders. After some careful study, I decide that I recognise the figure.

"What do you think?" flatmate asks.

"Not my type" I reply.

"What?! How? Are you mental?"

"Nope. His name's Colin. He's on my course".


Can we have a new QOTW please?
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 10:10, Reply)
one sunday night last summer i was over at the bedshitter's watching tv. it was really hot and about the only cool place to be in london (definitely in a temperature only sense) was its grotty basement flat. with windows onto the street.

fed up with it scratching its balls and leering over everybody from rachel and monica (not phoebe) to the head and shoulders girl, i noticed a really hot guy swing his legs out of the window of the top floor flat opposite. he was just wearing white pants, and looked absolutely stunning.

i pointed this out to the bedshitter, who said plaintively that i wasn't supposed to admire other guys when he was right there. ha, a reaction! so i said it again. and might have repeated it once more before the bedshitter finally stood up to get a good look. it moved the net curtain (i know, i know) and said deliberately:

"rswipe. that. is. a. girl."


time to get the eyes tested then...
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 9:52, Reply)
Oh, and one called "complete cunt" where when someone clicks it an icon of Apeloverage appears.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 9:41, Reply)
Treasure Hunt
In the early 90's an insurance company in London used to host a treasure hunt around the city. CIGNA for those of you who might know.

Anyway me and 4 other guys in the office decided to give it a go and entered for a couple of quid for charity. When we received the forms back we saw that there was a prize for fancy dress. We were not thickos but we were never going to win the damn things as we were out to get ratted and enjoy ourselves, so we decided to aim for the fancy dress prize.

We threw out several ideas until we hit upon a novel idea. We brought in old suits and shirts and cut the backs out of them including the trousers. We also had to bring in our wives / girlfriends bras, suspender belts, stockings and knickers to wear underneath. So from the front we looked completely normal city workers - suit, shirt, tie but from the back all you saw was womens underwear.

Sadly my girlfriend didn't have a suspendeer belt, so I had to hunt round the office trying to find a girl that happened to be wearing 'the kit' on the day of the treasure hunt. I hit paydirt after a while and as she was fit and game went to the loo and whipped it off. You can't imagine the feeling of a recently removed suspender belt, still warm and smelling of her perfume as I put it on. Hmm (thanks Sandra)

A great night, we came mid table for the treasure hunt but first in the fancy dress. The girls would not leave us alone all night, but mostly pinging our bras or suspender belts and saying "see, its annoying isn't it" to which we obviously said no, we love it.

Didn't take off the suspender belt until the next morning when my gf told me to take it off "you perv".

Then I made her
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 8:51, Reply)
these are all women

they're KKKross dressers.
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 6:45, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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