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This is a question Cross Dressing

The last time I wore a skirt was not as liberating or exciting as it could have been. I'd lost a drinking game and had been given the task of running from the bar, across the road and back again whilst wearing a friends clothes as a forfeit.

Easy, I thought. I hadn't reckoned on them getting every person in the pub to block my way back to the bar whilst I was outside. I had to FIGHT my way through. And I'm not much of a fighter.

Your own thoughts on cross dressing for fun, pleasure or profit are most welcome.

(, Thu 15 Mar 2007, 15:05)
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Those fucking bitches...
I was about 8 or so when during the Carnival season (a.k.a. Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras - celebrated in some countries in merry old Europe and during which people dress up just like it’s Halloween) it was decided that the best costume I could wear that year was an antique children’s uniform from a highly reputed military school – simply because the uniform was genuine and I was small enough to wear it.
Now, that school was for boys only and it happens that I am not a boy. More even, I was a girl at the age when all children are mean and cruel. So when I was proudly joining my playmates bearing my very smart uniform and my very smart cap, the girls (probably envious of my super cool costume) decided I looked very silly and said I could not play with them unless I wore a different costume.
Immediately I ran home and grabbed the flashiest dress I could find, quickly ditching the uniform and cap and replacing it with pink frills and pigtails.
When I got near the girls again I noticed some weird snickers but none of them said a word and I was ignorant of the collective joke until I got home and looked in the mirror. Looking back at me I saw a rosy cheeked girl in pigtails and pink frills still wearing a curly brown moustache my sister had drawn on my upper lip with a felt pen for my role of a dashing young officer…
(, Wed 21 Mar 2007, 12:55, Reply)

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