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This is a question Cunning Plans

I once devised a totally foolproof cunning plan to attract the attention of bikini-clad women, which - as you might imagine - failed miserably. Ever come up with a cunning plan for something? Did it work? What went wrong? Do you look back through the filter of the years with a burning sense of shame?

Suggested by Ring of Fire

(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 11:57)
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a mate of mine went to art college
he spent 3 weeks on a painting and 5 minutes on a shit splodgy thing with the leftover paint. the teacher hated the first and raved about the "powerful raw essence" of the second.
that was the day he quit art college.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 22:22, 1 reply)
Two words
Jackson Pollack
(, Mon 9 Jul 2012, 4:11, closed)

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