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This is a question Customers from Hell

The customer is always right. And yet, as 'listentomyopinion' writes, this is utter bollocks.

Tell us of the customers who were wrong, wrong, wrong but you still had to smile at (if only to take their money.)

(, Thu 4 Sep 2008, 16:42)
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Really? Seriously?
I used to work at a large American bookstore chain (Barnes & Noble), which had the misfortune of having the same first letter as another large American bookstore chain (Borders).
We could and did do special orders over the phone. People would call in looking for a particular book, and we would put it on hold for them. Or they could place the order in store, and we would call them when the book had arrived.
Many a time I was approached, told by the customer that they had called and placed a book on hold.
I looked by name. Nothing.
By book title? No luck.
I would then ask if they were sure that they had called this location (or if they were sure we called them, as the case was), and not another one of our nearby stores.
No, the customer would insist, they had called THIS store.
After much back and forth of "Yes, you did" "No I didn't", they would usually look around themselves and ask the wonderful question,
"Wait, where am I again?"
After I explained to them where they were, some had to be shown a business card for them to believe it. I mean, there are signs ALL AROUND the store ffs!
And don't even get me started on the whole membership/bonus points card.
There was a way for people who had forgotten their card at home to access their membership. We, as employees, would enter the customer's phone number (phone number ONLY) into the computer, and the computer would bring up the info.
I can't count how many times customers would come up to the register and tell me to look up their membership by their e-mail address.
When I informed them that we could only look it up by phone number, they would say "Well, your [fill in the blank] location (this was, of course, NOT a B&N, but a Borders) always looks it up by e-mail, so you should be able to do the same."
I don't know how many times I had to point out the large signs that read "Barnes & Noble" around the store.
(, Thu 4 Sep 2008, 23:07, 2 replies)
I had the same issue (among many others I am sure you dealt with as well), only I worked for Borders.
(, Thu 4 Sep 2008, 23:34, closed)
What a pain!
This is especially true since I swear everywhere there's a Borders, a Barnes and Noble is built nearby.
(, Tue 9 Sep 2008, 4:09, closed)

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