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This is a question Customers from Hell

The customer is always right. And yet, as 'listentomyopinion' writes, this is utter bollocks.

Tell us of the customers who were wrong, wrong, wrong but you still had to smile at (if only to take their money.)

(, Thu 4 Sep 2008, 16:42)
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'I think you need to read what I said properly too
Firstly not once did I condone rude or abusive behaviour from callers.'

I never implied that you did. That would be even more idiotic. I'm talking about customers from hell. If that rings a bell it's because it's the title of the QOTW that I'm posting a reply to.

'Secondly I never accused you of being rude or impolite. The point I was making is that call centres always seem to take the attitude that the caller is wrong and always about to become abusive.'

No, no we don't. Certainly mine doesn't, not until the caller becomes rude or abusive. A lot of the time they're not, and a lot of the time the information they have is correct. HOWEVER the fact that you say that call centres 'always' are like this (actually it's more 'never') again points me more to the way you've been to them in the past.

'Fair enough YOU may not be threatening but if those comments about what 'other' call centre staff may do with peoples personal details isn't threatening or insinuating I don't know what is! Why else mention it?'

Because it's a valid point. Don't be rude to people who have your information on their screen in case they go nuts or are already. That's just sensible. I can also say that other women out there may be inclined to chop off the penis of any chap they deem to have wronged them, I'm not being threatening myself when I say that. I'm just noting that there's a possibility.

'I just get the feeling you tar all callers with the same brush because of the minority of chancers or rude people you have to deal with.'

No, I've been clear that I'm talking about the rude ones. If at any point you're unsure I'd direct your attention to the title of the QOTW.
(, Tue 9 Sep 2008, 15:44, Reply)

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