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This is a question Darwin Awards

Bluffboy says: My mate cheated death and burned his eyebrows off looking down the barrel of a potato gun. Tell us about your brushes with the Grim Reaper through stupidity.

(, Thu 12 Feb 2009, 20:01)
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School daze
Back when I was in forced education, i was sitting in the front of a physics class, must have been just before GCSE's.

We were calmly writing out notes after a practical, teacher at the back of the class chatting to someone in the doorway.

Then in slow motion, the class twat decides it would be brilliant to throw a 2 p coin across the room at full pelt to his best mate.

Now maybe i hadn't had my weetabix in the morning and had bad karma, but fate had decided I was going to be sat in-between C.T and his best mate. Cue hurtling 2p coin across room, me getting it at full pelt in the eyebrow from just over a meter away.

Now I've broken a leg, ribs, an arm, fingers, toes, you name it. But none of them compared to the pain of a 2p coin attempting to lodge itself into your skull.

Of course I leapt up to let the phys teacher know what had just happened, hadn't realised the mess I was making in the process.

As I stumbled over hand over eye I'll never forget the immortal line:


at which point the C.T had run over to try and explain the situation and she told him casually before he could blurt it out to take me down to reception.

So I'm stumbling through the school, bleeding on every surface I got within a metre of, with this idiot trying to stop me getting him into trouble for what's just happened.

Cue me feeling rather faint and him having to prop me up on the way to reception saying "SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT" over and over again and panicking.

Cue deputy head meeting us in reception, letting me know that my heads bleeding, i hadn't bloody noticed to be honest, even though I'd had it pointed out to me by the blood, leaving my head rather quickly.

If I could find a little bit of sympathy for the C.T in me, then wasn't the time, as I was a mix of dizzy and extremely pissed off. So the deputy head felt the full wrath of my dobbing in the C.T, and advised i got to hospital.

Free ride to hospital, glued eyebrow together 2 days off school, and a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I found I'd got let off the homework.

Saturday detention for the C.T = 2p. (funnily enough his excuse of "I wasn't aiming for him!" didn't wash)
Running into the physics class the next lesson and pointing at the physics teacher and saying "YOU'RE HEADS NOT BLEEDING!".......priceless.
(, Fri 13 Feb 2009, 12:01, 4 replies)
My parents were gits
When ever I had time off school, they always made sure I went round to every teacher so I could catch up on all the class and home work I had missed. They made a form for it so each teacher had to sign it.

Have a click.
(, Fri 13 Feb 2009, 13:22, closed)
(, Fri 13 Feb 2009, 16:40, closed)
One can only assume
you didn't pay much attention in English.
(, Fri 13 Feb 2009, 16:47, closed)
my comma-fu is strong today.
(, Fri 13 Feb 2009, 17:15, closed)

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