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This is a question Darwin Awards

Bluffboy says: My mate cheated death and burned his eyebrows off looking down the barrel of a potato gun. Tell us about your brushes with the Grim Reaper through stupidity.

(, Thu 12 Feb 2009, 20:01)
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Daegu subway fire
I was scared to death and people were dying around me.

I honestly thought I was going to die as well.

I lived in the Korean city of Daegu at the time and I was in a subway train going to work. I worked in a school downtown teaching English.

On that day, some utter nutjob brought some gasoline or something onto the subway train and set it alight. That train burned and virtually everyone died on it. I was on a second train behind it. My train pulled up next to the burning train and just stopped. Our train started to catch fire. I didn’t see then, but later found out that the driver of our train had legged it taking his train key with him. Without the key, all the doors were sealed shut. I couldn’t see my hands in front of my face because of the smoke. I fell to the floor and got my white pollution mask out of my pocket to put on.

It didn’t feel any better though.

I had such a headache that I just passed out. I woke up with someone dragging me onto the platform. The smoke was just as thick but the station was locked down and we all couldn’t get out. Just as I felt I was going asleep again, I was dragged out by a fireman to an exit and something caught my eye.

It was the Dunkin' Donuts shop that was the reason why I had taken the subway and not got a taxi that day even though I was late for work.

Anyway, I was in a Korean hospital for a few weeks with smoke inhalation damage. I was lucky though as almost 200 people died at the station that day.

Curse my greed for Boston Creams and strong coffee.

(, Fri 13 Feb 2009, 15:34, 3 replies)
bloody hell!
On a technical note: Plastic smoke is usually laden with Cyanide gases, and later Carbon Monoxide, which explains the headache and LOC - so although an understandable response, a plain pollution mask wouldn't do jack; as they only screen out particulates. You'd have needed SCBA kit to stay upright and alive for any length of time in there.

Also, You weren't stupid for wanting doughnuts and coffee; but then the QOTW doesn't specify WHO was the incompetent party. In this case, blame is shared between regulatory authorities, subway operators, both train drivers, and of course the arsonist.
(, Fri 13 Feb 2009, 16:10, closed)
Fuck me...
that's some scary shit right there, that is...
(, Fri 13 Feb 2009, 16:17, closed)
IS there is a measurement smaller than a nat's?

Your guardian angel was on the ball that day!
(, Fri 13 Feb 2009, 18:22, closed)

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