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This is a question Have you ever seen a dead body?

How did you feel?
Upset? Traumatised? Relieved? Like poking it with a stick?

(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 9:34)
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On the way to work about 3 years ago, I saw a woman on a bicycle get run over by a site lorry (you know - the big ones that carry dirt around between building sites). Lorry was turning left at a junction, woman cycled up the side in his blind spot, and got squashed.

I saw the whole thing - both sets of back wheels went right over her, and I fully expected her to be dead. She wasn't, though - just a bit mangled.

As one of the first on the scene (I called for the ambulance that took her away), I had to hang around stopping other well-meaning bystanders from trying to move her around too much, and had to wait for the police, etc.

Later when I gave a formal statement I was told that she was expected to make an eventual recovery. Good to hear, but my memory of the accident is still pretty vivid.

The End
(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 10:11, 2 replies)
Good for you
For keeping by and making sure she was OK.

I suspect this QOTW is going to be entirely populated by "Almost" stories 'till it essentially becomes "Have you seen anyone get injured/do something stupid/been in an accident" etc. Silly restricting questions!
(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 10:15, closed)
And that, ladies and gentlemen...
...is why you stay out of the blind spot of anything that's bigger than you!
(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 17:17, closed)

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