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This is a question Have you ever seen a dead body?

How did you feel?
Upset? Traumatised? Relieved? Like poking it with a stick?

(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 9:34)
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Where have you been Clive?
Well I was talking to my old buddies Chris, Teddy and Vern, and it turns out that Verns brother knew the location of Ray Browers body.

So we lied to our parents and went on an adventure. We all joked, talked about cartoons, sang songs. When we did find the body who should show up but Jack Bauer calling himself 'Ace'

Well he was quite frightening and said he was going to report the body, then he threatened Chris, So I grabbed Chris' gun and threatened Ace who eventually left. We looked at the body and decided an ononimous phone call was the best way to handle this. I think we all learned a little about life over that summer which is ironic as it started off on a journey looking for death.

...and that darling, is what really happened

length? Biggest one in four counties!

(apologies, sheletered life, can't remmember any bodies)
(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 12:02, 3 replies)
That was a good film.
- and I like the way SK gets a little biog scene at the end.
(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 13:21, closed)
1) hee hee
2) you mis-spelled "anonymous", which would be a dull reply were it not for the fact that I mis-read it as a reference to onanism, making for a very odd mental picture indeed.
(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 13:49, closed)
Now I'm tempted to edit my post and seem like less of a dullard, however your assumption almost makes me look well educated, and could be taken as a slight nod to the 'Clive' element of the story..... curse you Mockingbird, curse you
(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 14:27, closed)

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