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This is a question Debt pron

Watching TV the other day we caught one of these "Bank of Mummy or the Wife" type shows and we thought, "This is Debt Pron." I.e. peoples financial problems exploited for the voyeuristic pleasure of others. Then we thought, "We bet lots of people on B3ta have massive financial problems. Let's exploit them." So, confess them all. Dodgy credit cards, lending money to some bloke in the pub, visits from the bailiffs, using one card to pay off another. We want to wallow in your fiscal pain. So, what is your biggest money fuck up?

(, Thu 23 Nov 2006, 19:50)
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I was in debt once....
1. I lived in a cardboard box once owned by a lovely housing association (id been kicked out v young and had zero pences and was earning £60 a week as a modern apprentice). I moved my evil spawn of satan ex bf in. Im gona cut out most of it but the basics.

Basically he trashed my flat, so when i kicked him out (and i moved elsewhere too) we arranged for him to replaster some of the walls that hed punched in and other small jobs. Did he do them? no!

Cue me getting an invoice for basically a full months untaxed wage demanding payment in full in 7 days otherwise legalities will ensue. I spend TWO DAYS ringing them constantly only to be told the person i wanted wasnt in. When i finally got in touch with them i explained that i am a poor unfourtunate child (i wasnt, and still am not on that much money) and can pay in installments. So i did. On time all the time....

The month i paid my last installment i destroyed my payment card with a certain sense of achievement since id paid every penny back myself with no help from the spawn of satan. No more letters from housing association!

One month later i get another letter from them. I start going oh my GOD not these people again??! And i opened the letter feeling very frightened....

For some reason they had decided that THEY OWED ME £800 and would i like to sign the form and they will send me a cheque! Ex bf does not know of this cheque. I send signed letter back in the post 1st class that night.

For two months i chased them most aggresively, as i am skilled in this particular act of life. Eventually when their piss poor systems decided to chunder out my much beloved cheque, i banked it, went to amsterdam for an almighty pissup and general shroomfest with current bf and bought everyone really nice xmas presents! (not in amstedam though, i was so blathered i couldnt even send a postcard). I made them write to me and say that i had nothing to do with them anymore. I have no idea why they owed me 800.

2)There is a company that is named british gas but im not going to tell you that. One day they saw it fit to triple my monthly direct debit payment. I rang them up and shouted at them and told them they were despicable so they backed down and whacked the monthly fee down to about £20. I asked them to confirm this in writing. I have not received the letter yet but i will be watching my bank account earnestly.

3)The only debt that i am in at the moment is im 700 into my 1100 overdraft. asides to other stuff mentioned above, the only other debt i have been in is a 100 council tax bill which i paid off three years ago. I have lived in my current place for two years now yet nobody will give me any credit! I see this as a good thing nowadays, since some of my friends are in serious debt and cannot do anything. Next year im going to try and get a phone line :O....

My main aim is to pay off my overdraft (an offshoot of the days with spawn of satan ex bf) and ive got a savings account now to save for things i want like... computers and things!

I dropped out of alevels and left home and have been fending for myself now for 4 years. any parental money has always been under 250 and has been paid back asap.

Im quite lucky really. I dont earn that much, but i have cheap rent (my grandma is my landlord), no uni debts, no parental debts, a fear of spending large amounts of money at once and a hatred of capitalism and banks. I enjoy the fact that i can piss away my pennies on what i like which is usually things like beer and food.

My chosen profession? Im starting chartered accounting in two months (having qualified as an Accounting techie - company paid all exam fees as did the government for my course fees)

It costs around 11500 to become a chartered accountant with my college. The bumrape is that im exempt from the first three exams (yay, only TWELVE more exams to do), yet the exemption charge is about 250 quid. I may have to pay for all this myself. Maybe one day ill earn more money...

Being in the accounting profession means i am a tight bastard ^_^

With my future riches i am going to build myself a hobbit hole and hopefully engineer a life where i am not the slave of corporate bastards. Thats if i dont kill myself before i finish my exams....

i know its long......but when ive bitten it, it should shrink a little....
(, Mon 27 Nov 2006, 17:10, Reply)

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