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This is a question Destruction, Demolition and Deconstruction

The Lone Groover says "I've just taken down a pergola with a metre-deep Russian vine over the top. It had nine birds' nests in it, and had rotted all of the cross timbers. It covered the entire lawn and needs a skip of its own." What's the biggest/worst thing you've ever taken down? Tell us your tales of demolition and wanton destruction.

(, Thu 8 Nov 2012, 13:17)
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We're rockstars right?
So we find ourselves, a bit drunk, with an old tv. We gotta smash this thing up right?
"we totally have to throw it out a window!"
Now, when I say an old TV, it was a large early widescreen, I forget the size, but it wasn't your fancy flat screen, it weighed a ton. So we drag it up the stairs, open the window, and quickly realise there is no way this tv is fitting out of that window.
"fuck, alright, well, we must have a hammer somewhere."
Cue long search for any sort of blunt instrument to kill this TV. We find, in the bottom of a cupboard, a lump hammer. Perfect. Right, step one, smash the screen. Pow. Bang. Pop. Perfect, quite a satisfying moment.
Hammer raised high, Dan brings the weighty head down in a strong arc and connects solidly with the well moulded Japanese (i think) plastic. Pang, thud...and then the world seems to stop, he's let go of the hammer, it spins effortlessly in the air, straight towards me, and cracks me right between the eyes. Making a fucking good mess of my nose, and a small dent in the TV.
Rock and roll destruction 0, TV plastic 1.
(, Tue 13 Nov 2012, 2:15, 2 replies)
So you were even prettier once?
(, Tue 13 Nov 2012, 8:59, closed)
Hard to believe I know.

(, Tue 13 Nov 2012, 10:38, closed)

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