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This is a question Destruction, Demolition and Deconstruction

The Lone Groover says "I've just taken down a pergola with a metre-deep Russian vine over the top. It had nine birds' nests in it, and had rotted all of the cross timbers. It covered the entire lawn and needs a skip of its own." What's the biggest/worst thing you've ever taken down? Tell us your tales of demolition and wanton destruction.

(, Thu 8 Nov 2012, 13:17)
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Brick wall
My brother-in-law was a National Trust warden, with a large estate. One summer a mate of mine went to visit for a free holiday in lieu of a few odd jobs. The first job was an unsightly brick wall across a garden. So here's a lump hammer, a cold chisel, a 3 foot wrecking bar and a sledgehammer, do your best. I took one look at my mate Darren and we pushed the wall over into a pile of dust and went to the pub, leaving fuzz face to clear the debris. Shoddy building.
(, Tue 13 Nov 2012, 19:08, 1 reply)
You had a holiday instead of odd jobs?
Then why did you knock down the wall?
(, Wed 14 Nov 2012, 14:28, closed)

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