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This is a question Other people's diaries

Never read other people's diaries and email - you'll never find anything nice in there. If it's not just slagging you off, it'll be sordid fantasies you really didn't want to know about, yet have to keep to yourself so as not to reveal how you found out.

So. What have you read 'accidentally' recently?

(, Thu 1 Feb 2007, 15:03)
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Usual preference for the older, cleverer sister
I started a diary as a fairly dull teenager with nothing to report about how much i hated my sister and wether Mark Castielli was in school that day (sigh/flutter eylashes etc).

Any hoo, one evenig at dinner, my dad told me off for swearing too much in my diary. Then my sister told me off for writing that she had hit me on some day or other and that I had hit her first blah blah blah.

My entire family had not only read my diary- but felt that they should comment on its content.

Now up until this point I had only ventured into my sisters room to borrow clothes/wear her make up etc- but decided the time was right to read HER diary, especially as she had a boyfriend as this point.

Cue her really pissing me off one evening and standing in the kitchen with her mates looking all older-sister-smug about bullying me i recited a passage I remembered from her diary

" Robs (the bf) got a purple one- of all colours"

My sister went BRIGHT red, called me a bitch and came running after me.

No idea whaat she meant at the time (I am now presuming condom???) but my mum came running upstairs and got the MASSIVE hairy pube on with me about reading the sisters diary/privacy/not embarrasing her in front of her friends.

Not exactly interesting, or fair but there we go.

(, Tue 6 Feb 2007, 12:51, closed)

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