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This is a question Dodgy boozers

Just a vagabond writes, "I once had a guy in a pub shout completely out of the blue at me 'OI! BIG NOSE!' and then ask coyly 'Fancy a fight?'"

Tell us stories of the dodgy boozers you've been to, and what happened.

(, Fri 7 Feb 2014, 12:32)
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Out of interest, do you remember at what point this anecdote went from being a story you once heard
to a thing you actually witnessed?
(, Fri 7 Feb 2014, 19:32, 1 reply)
So mean to me
This did actually happen. The Barley Mo DID exist (Even if I can't find it on streetmap) and I really did go to university.
(, Fri 7 Feb 2014, 19:35, closed)
A weekend pottery class doesn't count as uni.

(, Fri 7 Feb 2014, 19:43, closed)

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