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This is a question Dodgy work ethics

Chthonic asks: What's the naughtiest thing a boss has ever asked you to do? And did you do it? Or perhaps you are the boss and would like to confess.

(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 13:36)
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I work for an insurance company.

Nothing more to say really.
(, Tue 12 Jul 2011, 15:40, 6 replies)
Ah yes - insurance.
A friend of mine is a lawyer - so no better you'd think - but even he looks down on insurance companies.

A story he tells is of a case his friend dealt with where a woman was left paraplegic by a car crash that was proved to be in no way her fault, and her insurance wouldn't pay for the 24/7 care she ended up needing for the rest of her life, because she'd declared herself as a non-smoker, and they could prove through medical reports that she'd had a cigarette nine months previously.

(, Tue 12 Jul 2011, 15:50, closed)
You can't argue with non-disclosure.
(, Tue 12 Jul 2011, 15:56, closed)
The sooner people realise that money is more important than people, the better.

All these tits going on about how if it saves just one child's life it will be worth it NO! It won't! Money is finite, people are not, that's how it works. Dicks.

Stupid, precious idiots.
(, Tue 12 Jul 2011, 16:19, closed)
We're just a virus with shoes.
(, Tue 12 Jul 2011, 16:53, closed)
It does seem a little silly to lie about.
But, then, it may also have bumped up her premium by a few hundred quid if she said she was, leaving her unable to afford insurance.
(, Tue 12 Jul 2011, 17:28, closed)
I know it's tough on you youngsters trying to get insurance
But it's the fault of your chavvy contemporaries driving like the pissed up idiots they are, without a thought for all the other road users. The amount of damage they cause is more than the rest of us put together, hence the fact that insurers have 'cleansed their books' of this dodgy demographic, i.e. priced them out of the meerkat.

On the plus side, it means that you 40+ year olds out there can now get really good priced insurance.

Best not get a car until you're old enough to drive sensibly [ducks], and yes, I too drove like an old man when I was 24.
(, Wed 13 Jul 2011, 11:12, closed)

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