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This is a question Easiest Job Ever

Dazbrilliantwhites says he spent five years working at an airport where he spent his days "racing down multi-storey car parks in wheelchairs and then using the lift to go back to the top". Tell us about your best and easiest jobs. Students: Make something up.

(, Thu 9 Sep 2010, 12:14)
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"Run away, before they find out you did it properly!"
Many years ago, I went to the council depot for a job on Special Collections. This involves picking up old mattresses, fridges and the like, all stuff that won't fit the bin. They gave me a labourer and a small tipper wagon. There were 30 jobs on the sheet, none more than 5 miles away.

Started at 7, knocked out the first 20, went to the tip, knocked out another 6, which took us to lunch. Finished about 2.30 and went back to the depot.

All hell broke loose. First, we'd done 3 days work in 7 hours. Second, we hadn't flogged the metal items (gas cookers, radiators etc.) to the scrap merchants. Apparently we were supposed to leave half the money under the seat for the regular driver. Third, we'd not taken 10 hours, the minimum for ANY day's work. And last, the diesel we'd used for the mileage done, was WAY below what the regulars used.

I'm supposed to be still on the union blacklist, 19 years later.
(, Fri 10 Sep 2010, 20:15, closed)

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