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This is a question Essential Items

Our friend always carries 30ft of lightweight rope with him. We took the piss until we heard he got stuck in a lift, and managed to get everyone out in 5 mins.

What odd things to you always carry with you?

(, Thu 27 Oct 2005, 14:05)
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this is a bit irrelevant, but..
A colleugue and I have worked in several different offices of the same company, some in England and some in the Netherlands. Everywhere we go we take a beautiful ceramic squirrel with us. He is about 20cm high and hand painted, with beady little glass eyes ( yup, its pretty vile ).
We take Liam (for that is his name ) with us everywhere in honour of the 100+ squirrels that found themselves in Amsterdam airport, without the correct health documents, after flying in as cargo from the Ukraine.

For one reason or another, the lovely ikkle squirrels could not be returned to Kiev, and they can't be released in the Netherlands, so a decision was made to destroy them ( I would say that a decision was made to destroy them humanely, but that wouldn't really be true ).

The story goes that they were fed into one of those wood chipping machines, and their litte bushy tails were shredded and scattered over the exit to runway 3.

Liam comes everywhere with us. He might not be "essential".. but he is a good reminder that behind the calm, freindly facade of most Dutchmen, lies a ruthless squirrel killer.

(, Fri 28 Oct 2005, 11:43, Reply)

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