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This is a question Evil Pranks

As a student Joel Veitch attached a hose from the sink into my bed. I slowly woke thinking I'd pissed myself. I had the last laugh though. He had to pay for my ruined mattress.

What's the most evil prank you've ever played on someone?

(, Thu 13 Dec 2007, 14:01)
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Toilet video
How to really freak out a young lady.

Step one - set up a stepladder or suchlike in the corner of the toilet. Place video camera on step ladder and position (with tape if necessary) so that the toilet is in the viewfinder (or whatever they call it nowadays).

Step two - video the unoccupied toilet for at least 10 minutes, the longer the better. Keep the sound off.

Step three - wait until you have some mates round. A big party is best.

Step four - wait until a young lady you wish to victimise goes to the toilet. Then play the video of the empty toilet on the living room TV while she is on the throne.

Step five - when she returns to the room start laughing and see her look of horror as she sees the 'live' video feed of the toilet, and all the dirty so-called friends who have just watched her use it.

It was very wrong, but very funny.
(, Sat 15 Dec 2007, 18:28, 2 replies)
this is a classic prank - I've read about it in lists that include
advertise your bosses job in the newspaper or stick clingfilm on the bog.

But - have you actually done it?
(, Sun 16 Dec 2007, 20:25, closed)
It did happen
Yep, it was done, though I certainly don't claim to have invented it. Haven't read about it since though. It was in a shared student house in London in about 1991.
(, Sun 16 Dec 2007, 22:51, closed)

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