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This is a question Expensive Weekends

Chthonic says he's still reeling from a trip to a wedding that cost him nearly 600; while a friend of ours hazily presented his credit card to the bar staff in a shady club in the Baltic states. You know how that one ended.

(, Thu 13 May 2010, 13:03)
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A Friends Engagement Party
Not even a full weekend, just a friday night! I only knew the girl who's party it was, but she was & is a very dear friend of mine so I kinda had to go. My plan therefore, was to stand at the bar all night, keep them coming & hope for the best. Anyway, Here goes;

Present- 35.
Train ticket to rural Cheshire- 22.
Taxi from train station to hotel- 13.
One night in the Hartford Premier Inn- Not fucking 30 a night like the brochure says, but 68.
Amount spent on booze at said party 180.
Taxi Back to the station the next day- 18!!!

Total I'm gonna beat out of them should they ever split up- 336.

Didn't even cop off or nothin'!
(, Thu 13 May 2010, 15:21, closed)
Sandiway surely, at the Blue Cap? I take it the wedding was at Hartford Hall/The Golf Club?
Did you have a pint in the coachman before getting back on the train/ Lovely in there.

(unless you're on about a different Hartford in Cheshire, but I can't think of any)

(I only live down the road)
(, Thu 13 May 2010, 16:47, closed)
That's incredible...
Where you there!?! Matt & Laura ring any bells?
(, Fri 14 May 2010, 1:12, closed)
no wasn't there.
just a wild guess.
(, Fri 14 May 2010, 8:55, closed)
£180 on booze??????
HOW? That's, what, 50 pints? How are you not dead?
(, Fri 14 May 2010, 12:37, closed)
£60 on other people...
120 on myself, mostly Gin & Tonic, healthy tips & a strong tolerance for the middle aged divorcee's tipple of choice!
(, Tue 18 May 2010, 4:24, closed)

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