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This is a question Famous people I hate

Michael McIntyre, says our glorious leader. Everyone loves Michael McIntyre. Even the Daily Mail loves Michael McIntyre. Therefore, he must be a git. Who gets on your nerves?

Hint: A list of names, possibly including the words 'Katie Price' and 'Nuff said' does not an interesting answer make

(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:21)
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I am know he has already been mentioned, but my reasons for Piers Morgan are thus...
Way back, at the height of the Iraq war, the Mirror published a story, along with accompanying photos, on British soldiers’ abuse of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib.

These were, apparently obvious fakes, but Piers Morgan spent hours agonising over whether to publish the photos. He decided against asking an expert for their opinion on the matter, and decided to publish them regardless.

This caused huge problems for the army, as at a time when this sort of abuse was rife in American troops, the Brits had so far been clean. He managed to tarnish our army’s image for the sake of selling a few papers, all because he couldn’t be bothered to ask someone what sort of boots British soldiers actually wore.

Fast forward 6 years, and somehow he has become some sort of champion of the people. He has come across as an honest, straight talking, nice guy. A host on Britain’s got Talent, he hasn’t even got any discernible fucking talent, the odious little gobshite (although granted, he has more talent than Amanda Holden).

He is a true cunt, if ever I knew one.

I would like him to be smooshed between a car and a bus, then as he lays bleeding on the floor, a gritting lorry covers him in salt, so he dies a slow painful death. I am sure I am not the only one…
(, Fri 5 Feb 2010, 17:28, Reply)

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