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This is a question Famous people I hate

Michael McIntyre, says our glorious leader. Everyone loves Michael McIntyre. Even the Daily Mail loves Michael McIntyre. Therefore, he must be a git. Who gets on your nerves?

Hint: A list of names, possibly including the words 'Katie Price' and 'Nuff said' does not an interesting answer make

(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:21)
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God. This QOTW is RIGHT up my street
being a constant ball of rage.

Davina tops my list. Probably best to just look here b3ta.com/search/posts/28057?q=Davina+McCall
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:45, 6 replies)
The Self Obsessed
Geri Halliwell - Attention seeking foghorn. no talent.

Robbie Williams - Self obsessed twunt.

Russell Brand - See Above.

Jordan - Chav dressed as mutton.

Ricky Gervais - a cunt of the highest order, smug unfunny shitwaste.

you could pretty much say 99% of celebrities.

Oh, and Michael Mcinyre, Andy Parsons, and that Hugh guy off Mock The Week for being shit.
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:45, Reply)
Just to beat Monty then - David Bowie
Complete shite, can't sing, never in human kind has anyone had a higher opinion of themselves.

David, please fuck off with your fucking alien "wife" and DO NOT, under any circumstances, ever "sing" again (or appear on TV, radio, internet, planet)
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:45, Reply)
Dermot O'Leary
I have long suggested that the only way to deal with O'Leary is shooting him in the face. Chirpy, boy next door bonhomie, faux earnest solidarity with X factor fucktard hopefuls, guilty association with every shit tv experience ever and the tepid dross that the charisma-vacuum plays on the radio - Captain...........!!! for shitting sake. Ballistic facial death!!!!!!!!!
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:45, 1 reply)
Piers Morgan, you say?
Ode To Piers Morgan

Whilst I agree celebrities that compromise their privacy
by selling sordid stories to the news
in profiting from written words they live and die both by the sword
and ought to pay the piper for their ruse

But sending out your henchmen to exact your petty vengeance
on people who do not deserve your ire
when you harass and terrorise and rifle through their private lives
you stoke in me a righteous type of fire

When you profit from the misery of others, I think you'll agree
that makes you a malignant parasite
and your hiccough with Hislop and your arsekicking from Clarkson
proves your ill-equipped to win in a fair fight

So Mr Morgan (ne: O'Meara), take your venal bid for stardom
and hawk it to your rich and famous friends
There is a special place in hell for those who deal in kiss-and-tell
They'll hold the front page when you meet your grisly end.

(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:45, 3 replies)
Piers Fucking Morgan
He's just a smug cunty cunt
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:42, 1 reply)
Where do I fucking start?
The obvious ones; Brian Sewell, Micheal Winner, Ant & Dec, Piers Morgan, Jordan - you know. The wankers. We ALL hate them, it goes without saying.

It's the ones I have no good reason to hate, that I hate most...

Rob 'I'm a patronising smug cunt' Brydon
Cluur Shweeney
Davina McCall

But most of all, MOST of all...

Radio 2's very own antichrist


(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:40, 10 replies)
Ramsey and the Oliver Boy
I would love to see a real life celebrity deathmatch between Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey. Let's Get it on!!!!!
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:40, 4 replies)
Michael Buble
is just a cunt.

Oh, you want more?

He's a sycophantic, boring dirge-monger who shits out the most monotonous drivel known to man or beast about 3 times a fucking month, which is exactly the same as his last offering of dried out jizz. Oh and he steals bridges from the fucking Beatles.

He makes middle aged women drip like a fucked fridge because his mediocre good looks combined with his utterly, utterly banal music seems to do something to them that HRT cannot unlock.

The cunt.
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:39, 5 replies)
The Pope
Not just this one specifically (although he IS shit; mewling about how gay people are given equal rights is *really* living the life of tolerance and brotherhood as preached by Christ. This is a man who, in the face of global concerns about extremism in all religions, made his first major speech of his papacy a dire warning about Harry Potter. What. A. Prick.) but his predecessor too.

I married a Catholic, and in my in-laws' household Pope John Paul II can do no wrong. I discovered this one Easter when, drunk, I started ranting at the poster of him on her mum's living room wall (yes, really) spending time detailing how his opposition to contraception and the fight against AIDS has cost millions of lives and helped keep large swathes of the developing world in a poor, disease-ridden, and generally undereducated state.

I'm not a Satanist or anything but I wonder if anyone could offer me an explanation?
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:38, 8 replies)
Frodo Baggins
I hate Frodo Baggins - the curly haired tosser. The bastard haunted me for years - everywhere I went he went. Problem was I could never see the fucker but everyone else could. Walking down any street and I'd hear people call out for him. "Frodo! Frodo!" they would call before adding "where's the ring?!" and chuckling to themselves. Pubs, trains, mountain tops... nowhere was safe from my invisible stalker. At times he would give up on following me but reappear as the next part of the series was at the cinema or released on DVD as if wondering why I had not bothered to go see it. It reached its peak when I was on holiday in Amsterdam. Walking through the red-light district, already having my sexuality questioned for refusing to go with a prostitute, before I heard the cry begin in a thick Dutch accent "It's Frodo!!! Frooooooodooo!!!!!!! Where's the ring?!!". I turned round in time to see people lifting their hands up to point as if the cry of "thief!" had started in the market, then the laughing started. In the middle of the red-light district was all form of scum pointing and laughing at ME shouting "Frodo!". I look nothing like the cunt - I hate him!
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:37, 2 replies)
(Dr) Gillian McKeith
- You aren't a doctor
- You should be in jail for giving false health advice
- You are obsessed with poo
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:37, 3 replies)
Katona, Mccall, Nikki Grahame, Hilton, Jordan-Price-Reid
Fuckwits and oxygen thieves the lot. The sooner they're gone the better.
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:36, 1 reply)
Oh let me think
Am I allowed Micheal McIntyre too?

Oh I know Ricky Fucking Gervas. What an unholy self centred cock.

Many years ago I read an interview with his friends and family, the funny thing was that all his family said his dad was much funnier than him. So even his family think he's a twunt.
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:34, Reply)
He makes me cry chubby chubby lard tears on the internet.
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:34, 1 reply)
Gok Wan
Jesus christ, that horrific obesity encouraging lady boy wannabe, he combines so many of the qualities I hate in one single person, that I fear what I would do in his presence for any amount of time.

I've been reliably informed he's an utter publicity seeking wanker of the highest order particularly when off camera, which at least makes me think I don't hate him for an irrational reason.
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:33, 5 replies)
Ricky Gervais
He is not funny, he's a one trick pony.

Look at me I'm quite rich now and people think I'm great and I'm in movies and the Simpsons! No we think your a ponce and deserve a kicking.

When all else fails all he can do is fall back onto 'the dance'.

How he got this far I do not know as I've never seen him be witty or spontaneous. I liked Night at the Museum, but every scene he was in made me cringe.

I hate him so!!!
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:33, 1 reply)
A couple of people come to mind
Simon Cowell, Oprah, Kathy Lee Gifford, Michael Moore (what a load of crap he is), and several others that I cannot think of at the moment.
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:33, Reply)
I would enormously enjoy seeing the band Elliot Minor being painfully killed
A bunch of ex choir boys trying their hand at what they interperate to be rock music. I wouldn't mind so much if they'd marketed themselves as say a McFly/Busted sort of band. I.e. Pop music for kids and girls, however what makes me hate them so intensely is how they thrash around and mosh to a tune and vocal that are no more heavy than a pop tune by S Club 7.


That goes for you as well You Me At Six, Cobra Starship, Metro Station, Kids in Glass Houses and Forever The Sickest Kids!
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:32, 1 reply)
Fearne Cotton
Really REALLY cannot stand the woman. Don't know why. She just makes my skin crawl when she comes on television. Though being on the continent now means I am spared her gratuitous prsence on the BBC. Oh, and I'm convinced she's had a nose job.

To quote the genius of Simon Amstell in response to another contestant on Never Mind the Buzzcocks (possibly Daniel Bedingfield - but best not to get started on him) who stated a misguided "but she's lovely" or something similar:

"Well why can't she bring that to the screen?!"
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:31, 2 replies)
Yaaargh pirates!
I live in a shared house, with two utterly sound blokes. One of them however, is a little bit more odd than usual. For some reason, he absolutely hates Ross Kemp. I can't understand it at all- he seems a relatively decent bloke, makes a good living and even managed to produce a balanced documentary on the Gaza conflict, which is quite an achievement by any means. That, and he went and met some modern day pirates. And yet Pickles (which is what we call him) will start virtually foaming at the mouth, and start shouting at the TV loudly, and often incoherently. And he's never laughed as much when he saw the "Ross Kemp on Fire" sketch on Brass Eye.

Totally baffles me.

Still, Ross Kemp is nowhere near as much of a cunt as Darth Mandelson, the complete fucking j hfaeot y;oit e[...

(Sorry I really really hate him and can only end up ineffectually mashing at the keyboard).
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:31, Reply)
Paul McCartney
yeah, you were in the Beatles, we know.

We also know that since spliting with the talented half of your writing team you haven't recorded anything remotely of interest.

Special award must go to this blokes amazing "look at me" smugness whenever wheeled out as he milks the adoration ( normally from 'merkins)
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:30, 10 replies)
Nicholas Cage.
I have no idea why, but the chap brings out the rage in me. I'm completely incapable of enjoying any film he's been in.

I'll skip the list of politicians I hate, as the internet isn't big enough.
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:30, 9 replies)
Russel "CUNT" Brand
I really don't know why i hate him so much.But hate him i do. The cunt.
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:30, 3 replies)
The Pope
Just to put the cat among the pigeons, like...

- Doing nothing to move forward the daft outlook on contraception which is ultimately responsible for a huge amount of death and misery in the world
- Telling Catholics to defend marriage in the face of increased Gay rights in the Western World (as if giving gays rights makes yours a bit less special)
- Claiming to be the direct representative of God
- Looking like the Emperor from Star Wars
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:29, 1 reply)
Janet Street Porter
Aaarrgh the voice and the teeth!!!

'nuff said!
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:26, 2 replies)
terry wogan and davina mccall
are between them responsible for most of the Smug in this country. i hate them both. i would like to lock them in a lift for a week and see who eats the other first.
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:23, 5 replies)
Graham Norton. OK, we get that you're gay. We get that your brand of humour is camp, designed to appeal to the ITV Daytime audience. We get that you're a 'new man', who'll never work in a mine, building site or white van. You moisturise. You probably shave your legs. But I'm a bloke who likes pies, hard work, the gym, fags and booze. I have three wonderful kids who look up to me for the male role model I hope I am. I'm a professional, so I've made something of my life, yet I'm happy to fulfil the 'caveman' family role.

Graham Norton, your foul, unfunny antics on screen make me shudder.

Go away and annoy someone else. Like the Welsh.

length blah
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:23, 6 replies)

(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:22, 1 reply)
Simon fucking Cowell
The hair.
The attitude.
The highpants.

Actually it's mostly the highpants.
(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:22, Reply)

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