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This is a question Famous people I hate

Michael McIntyre, says our glorious leader. Everyone loves Michael McIntyre. Even the Daily Mail loves Michael McIntyre. Therefore, he must be a git. Who gets on your nerves?

Hint: A list of names, possibly including the words 'Katie Price' and 'Nuff said' does not an interesting answer make

(, Thu 4 Feb 2010, 12:21)
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You Say it Best!
Once had the chance to interview Ronan Keating. I did so after a bottle of Vodka (he was obnoxiously late, and the offie was just round the corner).
In my Drunken State i thought it would be hilarious to only speak to him in his own song lyrics. The interview began as such.
"Ronan. Its amazing how you can speak right to my heart, Without Saying a word you just light up the dark."
"just some advice, Life is a Rollercoaster, You've just got to ride it"..... So far so good, a baffled Ronan Keating Was blubbering Nonsense about relief work in africa in retaliation and staring at me as if i was a piece of shit on his £300 shiny shoes, But unable to do anything because he was trying not to lose his rag infront of an audience. This ridicule continued for a few minutes untill i couldnt resist the finishing blow....... "Ronan, You say it best When you Say nothing at all............"

"Because your a Cunt"

That did it. He Walked out and Demanded to the college i was studying at that i write him a letter of apology for what i had done. In Hindsight, maybe i shouldnt have got drunk, Maybe i shouldnt have spoken to him in only his own lyrics, and maybe i shouldnt have called him a cunt........ But come on, Ronan keating?? As if you wouldnt!!
(, Sun 7 Feb 2010, 20:35, 3 replies)
Fucking potato molester
Why doesn't he just go and tarmac a driveway?
(, Sun 7 Feb 2010, 23:16, closed)
(, Mon 8 Feb 2010, 14:39, closed)
...did you write the letter?
(, Mon 8 Feb 2010, 14:46, closed)

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