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This is a question Family Feuds

Pooster tells us that a relative was once sent to the shops to buy an onion, while the rest of the family went on a daytrip while he was gone. Meanwhile, whole sections of our extended kin still haven't got over a wedding brawl fifteen years ago – tell us about families at war.

(, Thu 12 Nov 2009, 12:24)
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Prunes and the Aunty from Hell
My sister and I used to get sent up to Scotland regularly to stay with my Aunty and, at the age of five when my Dad started dying of cancer, the visits got longer and longer. At the time, the only food I really couldn't stomach was prunes and even though she knew I hated them she provided them at the end of a meal at least once a week.

Well, one day she invited her friend round for dinner and tried to impress her with her culinary skills including (you've guessed it) prunes for dessert. Gagging on every mouthful, I begged to be excused but all I got was fierce shouts of 'Eat them up!'

The inevitable happened and as I swallowed the last one the entire bowlful rose in my throat and I vomited them spectacularly (and accurately) back into the bowl. And yes folks, she instructed me to eat them again!!!

I was only saved from this ordeal by my older sister sticking up for me and saving me from purgatory.
Well, the old dear is dead now and I still don't like prunes.
(, Thu 12 Nov 2009, 14:17, 1 reply)

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