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This is a question Family Holidays

Back in the 80s when my Dad got made redundant (hello Dad!), he spent all the redundancy money on one of those big motor caravans.

Us kids loved it, apart from when my sister threw up on my sleeping bag, but looking back I'm not so sure my mum did. There was a certain tension every time the big van was even mentioned, let alone driven around France for weeks on end with her still having to cook and do all the washing.

What went wrong, what went right, and how did you survive the shame of having your family with you as a teenager?

(, Thu 2 Aug 2007, 14:33)
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The North East
We were right poor when I were a lad we were! Well, poorish. Most of the holidays we took were on the East coast, in lovely Haven caravan parks: great beaches, ace arcades, loads of places to play and hide! I loved them, and still have a great fondness for Scarborough, Filey, Brid, Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay...
Except one year we couldn't afford it as my dad had recently been made redundant. But, bless'im, he still wanted to give his family a holiday and it just so happened that he had friends that had a caravan on the East coast! Brilliant!
Actually, it was more like the North East coast: a shitty little caravan (exactly like the one out of Father Ted) in the ultimate holiday destination of South Shields. Now to all you Geordies out there, I have nothing against that part of the world, in fact I love Newcastle, but as a 13 year old kid, a South Shields caravan park was hell on earth.
We were there for two weeks (two fecking weeks!) and we had three sunny days. The rest of the time was spent playing Monopoly whilst the rain pissed down and the brisk sea winds threatened to topple our caravan over.
And in the evening it got worse, because then the local fog horn on was switched on.
The only memorable day was when the sun actually came out and we visited a nearby safari park. And Hadrian's Wall was okay but, yep, it pissed it down all day. Other than that, I have managed to repress the memory...
(, Fri 3 Aug 2007, 10:14, Reply)

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