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This is a question I'm your biggest Fan

Tell us about your heroes. No. Scratch that.

Tell us about the lengths you've gone to in order to show your devotion to your heroes. Just how big a fan are you?

and we've already heard the fan jokes, thankyou

(, Thu 16 Apr 2009, 20:31)
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Insulting Bob Geldof
The small town I currently reside in is also the home of Sir Bob Gelfof. Now, Sir Bob has lived here long enough that most local people are aware he is around and pay little or no attention to him. He gets no special treatment about the town, and has to queue up for his shopping in tesco just like everyone else.

Just after I finished school, my first job was pulling pints in a pub which was great fun. Sir Bob used to use this pub as his local as it is walking distance from his house. One evening as were just calling time and the punters were thinking about making their way home, Sir Bob sidles over and asks for a final pint for the night. No problem, pour his drink and place it down on the bar.

For some reason, to this day still unknown to me, rather than say 'that is £2.50 please' I just said in a slightly pleading voice and a not very convincing Irish accent "Give us your fockin' money!" The world stood still. I realized the gravity of what I had just said, I had just mocked one of the most famous charity fundraisers in the world. Luckily Bob cracked up and asked my name. We had a chat at the bar for a bit and after I finished my shift he invited me over for a couple of post shift beers.

We chatted about all sorts of stuff, including how I didn't really like the Boomtown Rats, thought Bono was a bit of a twat and how I am totally obsessed with Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' in which Geldof had a major part. I came in for a shift later on that week only to find a copy of 'The Wall' behind the bar signed by Geldof with the inscription 'Anthropos, I gave you my fucking money!'

Sadly a horrid pikey housemate stole my DVD and probably sold it. On the upside I still see Bob about town, he always says hi and remembers my name.
(, Wed 22 Apr 2009, 10:29, 3 replies)
I've met him
I found him just as egotistical and up his own arse as I imagine Bono to be (I've passed up the chance to be in the same room as Bono, as there was a free bar and I didn't want to try and fight the inevitable equation of Bono + free bar = me getting nicked for anything from assault to manslaughter, depending on how much of the free bar I'd got through).

Geldof was a proper prick though. Pretty much everything he said was about how famous Bob Geldof is, and how he's such a nice bloke for raising all that money for charity, and of course an amazing musician.
(, Wed 22 Apr 2009, 10:48, closed)
When I see him in Tesco I change aisles! I've yet to see him over at Macknade yet though...
(, Wed 22 Apr 2009, 11:33, closed)
Macknade, I work there. I haven't seen him there yet either!
(, Wed 22 Apr 2009, 12:29, closed)

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