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This is a question * PFFT *

I've been pretty farty all week, but 2 large helpings of sausage and lentil stew last night have really tipped things over the edge. I swear you can see these ones.

I'm here at work trying to hold them in so I (a) don't have to keep nipping to the loo like a madman and (b) don't gas half the office, but it's becoming increasingly difficult. I might rupture something if I'm not careful.

Tell us all about your own fartiness.

(, Fri 13 Jul 2007, 14:01)
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My old boss once recounted to me the story of his most disappointing fart. During tests for IBS he had to have a camera fed into his tradesmans and afterwards on the drive home he was aware that he about to massively shit himself.

He drove home at a terrifying speed, burst through the front door and clambered up the stairs to the bathroom, just whipping his trousers down quick enough to get his arse over the toilet and let out the longest, most epically rasping trump of his life.

He inhaled for the celebratory sniff, expecting a sick making beefiness only he could love but was massively let down to discover that it smelt of soap.

It's been ten years now and he still hasn't recovered from the disappointment.
(, Mon 16 Jul 2007, 15:55, Reply)

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