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This is a question * PFFT *

I've been pretty farty all week, but 2 large helpings of sausage and lentil stew last night have really tipped things over the edge. I swear you can see these ones.

I'm here at work trying to hold them in so I (a) don't have to keep nipping to the loo like a madman and (b) don't gas half the office, but it's becoming increasingly difficult. I might rupture something if I'm not careful.

Tell us all about your own fartiness.

(, Fri 13 Jul 2007, 14:01)
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I would say in middle school.. about 6th/5th year (-ish?) I was in a karate class. Parental units thought it might teach me some respect, and if trouble happened I might be able to handle it.... whatnot blah blah.
Well those damn belts were a big f'in deal to get. You had to take a big test in silence, do your moves, if you pass you get a belt. Big deal. Well it was all about respect and suspenseful bowing.
So it's complete utter silence and every time I took an step to punch/kick and did that "hiyyy-aaa!!" noise- I would fart....loudly. IN utter silence of the lambs silence. Noone said a word-it was disrespectful during a belt test. Except for my mother--- who had to leave for her laughter.
Years and years after this my mother still hears the "hiya---::fart::!!" step "hiyyyaaaa---::fart::!!!" echoing in her head.

Apologize for the length- but i saw the qotw topic and heard my mother's laughter in my head and had to share my torment.
(, Thu 19 Jul 2007, 6:11, Reply)

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