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This is a question Best Films Ever

We love watching films and we're always looking for interesting things to watch - so tell us the best movie you've seen and why you enjoyed it.

(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:30)
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Phenomena (no, not the Travolta with a brain tumour one)
This is an 80's Dario Argento film with her from Labyrinth in.

She has dominion over the insect world and can manipulate varying kinds of bugs.
She has a mate who's a disabled professor who knows about her powers and is looked after by a helper chimpanzee.

The professor? Donald Pleasance :-)

There's murder afoot at the weirdy Euro boarding school where she's been sent (typical Argento beheadings) and she uses her bug powers to solve the series of crimes.

Best scene? When the helper chimp, following the death of Donald Pleasance, goes berserker with a switchblade and saves the day.

Best. Film. Ever

If you don't believe me, here's the trailer

(, Fri 18 Jul 2008, 16:16, Reply)

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