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This is a question Best Films Ever

We love watching films and we're always looking for interesting things to watch - so tell us the best movie you've seen and why you enjoyed it.

(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:30)
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Oh christ
How can we expect flavoursome invective and deliciously bubbly discourse with this lame hat of a QOTW?
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 15:11, 4 replies)
Ich liebe DICK

I lived in Germany as a child and whilst routing through my dads porn collection while the rents were out shopping at the Aldi I came (excuse the pun) across a film that still sticks in my mind now.

Ich Liebe Dick.....

Roughly translates to I love dick with a subtle play on words.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 15:11, Reply)
I've watched some wierd horror/sci-fi shit in my long and illustrious life but this film is the only one that really and truly gives me the willies.

I have a copy on DVD but still can't bring myself to watch it very often.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 15:11, 3 replies)
Yellow Submarine
This is an animated film featuring the Beatles made in 1968 and based on the song of the same name. Yellow Submarine is a very surreal adventure in which the Beatles go on a quest to save Pepperland from the Blue Meanies. Along the way, they come up with unusual (and sometimes innovative) solutions to whatever problems they come across on the way. Not only does it have its bizarre moments, but it has a strong feel-good factor too and also has bits of satire. The soundtrack is composed of many classic Beatles songs, including the relatively unknown "Only a Northern Song".

The animating is done using many different animation-styles. This mixture sort of adds to the surrealness of the film rather than make it look like the animator couldn't decide on which style to use.

Remember, it’s all in the mind.

Incidentally, Yellow Submarine is one of the only films I know where there is no love-interest going on, but that's not a reason why I like it - just thought I'd mention it, like.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 15:08, Reply)
Starship Troopers
this film is a work of art.

Edit: On the surface there is no point to it at all, and yet it manages to be stupendously entertaining.

see replies for Al's comment about its point

Within the bounds of the story the characters are believable, the special effects are good, lots of people die in interesting ways and it has Doogie Howser in it as a psychic.

What more could anyone want from a film?

This may seem tongue-in-cheek, but I seriously do think this film is a work of art, and is definitely up there among my other favourites.

For the record, these favourites are:
All the Alien films - the atmosphere is fantastic, apart from in Resurrection which is just entertaining.
The Untouchables - well made, good dialogue, interesting story, Costner is actually not too bad, Connery's speech is awesome.
Sin City - beautifully true to the original material and manages to give the moving pictures a comic book feel. excellent film making
300 - same as Sin City
The Crow - love the story, and the music
Dazed and Confused - is my life
Pulp Fiction - all about the dialogue people
Kelly's Heroes - like Three Kings, but with realistic selfishness and Clint Eastwood
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - for the reasons BGB elucidates below
The Wall (Pink Floyd) - Just watch it ok!
Shallow Grave - for the interview scene alone this is amazing.
Apocalypto - breathtaking film making. I wanted to shake Mel Gibson's hand when it finished.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 15:06, 11 replies)
All right then
let's amend the rules of the question slightly- don't just list the titles, tell us about the film and WHY you liked it so much.

I'll start off with an extremely obscure one: John Huston's last film, The Dead. It's the final story in James Joyce's Dubliners.

If you've never read the story, it's about a family Christmas gathering. Nothing too terribly remarkable happens during the gathering, but you do get a good feel for each of the family members through the film.

After the party as everyone's leaving, the main character's wife hears someone singing a song as she's descending the stairs and stops, with an expression of pain and longing on her face. She recovers and continues home, and the husband asks her what that was all about.

The story she relates is a sad one, of course, but then the main character stands looking out the window and through voice-over has a soliloquy that brings the entire movie together with incredible impact. I won't give it away here, of course, but when I first saw that film it literally made me weep.

A fitting and masterful last film from an excellent director.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 15:05, Reply)
Is this QOTW to provide interesting stories or Play shopping lists for you guys?

Well I don't actually know the name of the film, so there. In fact it wasn't even all that good from what I can remember. It was something about some college kids who found out that you get top marks if your room mate dies so were trying to off each other and at the end you found out it was a film being made by the people in the film (?! indeed).

So why was this bad nameless film the best I ever saw? Because it was the summer of year 12 and I had moved to a new sixth form after my so-called friends at my last school had basically made my life hell by calling me fat, ground away any self respect I had and also got me hooked on cigarettes.

I knew two people at the new school but, somewhat ironically, met most of what would be my best friends in the smoking area. These were chilled out people who liked my weird sense of humour, who invited me out and made me feel welcome.

The following summer when my mate Loz's parents were away I was crashing round his and one night after getting suitably monged and eating a whole box of Frosties we snuggled up on the sofa put the tv on and watched that film.

5 years later Loz is still one of the most chilled out people I know and the other week I went to see him and our other friend Will and ended up at 130am in the conservatory wearing silly hats, listening to Classic Jazz and playing dominoes, followed by Frustration and suitably frustrated language as the bastards ganged up on me.

We then started watching Serenity but a popcorn fight started so I wasn't really paying attention. The next day when I woke up my shoes were full of popcorn.

I am not ashamed to say I still ate it.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 15:04, 2 replies)
The Classics
Yes yes, we all know Pulp Fiction, The Matrix and Godfather are superb films but lets face facts. The best films are the ones you used to play OVER & OVER & OVER again when you were a kiddo. Basically if you can't quote at least 75% of the film, it can't be all that. So, to make it a little interesting here are quotes from my top 3 films.

1: "More Wine?", "Wine Not" *Laughs* "This is not wine.... it's mead. But not bad".
2: "Thors not a homo"
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 15:03, 2 replies)
The Princess Bride
Revenge, fencing, giants, true love and Peter Cook's Impressive Clergyman -

"Mawwiage, that dweam wivvin a dweam"

Fantastic. One of the few films that are actually as good as the book.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 15:02, 10 replies)
Dead Mans Shoes
Best film I've seen in years
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 15:01, 1 reply)
Has to be.....
Flash Gordon!

Sound track by Queen!

Shouty bits by Brian Blessed!

What more you want!

Edit: Plus it was the first ever science fiction film I saw at the cinema.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 15:00, 2 replies)
Wild at Heart
Because its the best film ever made EVER!
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:59, 2 replies)
Under Siege
I love it :D
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:59, 7 replies)
The Sound of Music.
Nuns, Nazis and singing about nubility. I actually cry at the end. Sad, but true.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:58, Reply)
First Page?
The Breakfast Club.

As we were young we of course conpared oursleves to characters fromthe film..
I was bender if anyone wanted to know.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:58, 3 replies)
The Good the Bad and the Ugly.
I'm not much of a fan of westerns but this film rocked my world when I saw it for the first time when I was a teenager. I was blown away by the storyline and the fantastic ending. Even the music still gives me the shivers when I hear it.

I think I may have to get the DVD again so I can watch it this weekend.

*Ooooo! gets excited*
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:58, 2 replies)
Debbie does Dallas
NORKS.... nuff said
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:57, Reply)
everything by kevin smith
chasing amy
jay and silent bob strike back
clerks 2
(and yes even jersey girl, yes i know its got jennifer lopez in it but she does get killed off in like the first 10 minutes! - and it has got george carlin in it)

yes and here is the editted bit...

anything by the pythons

and of course the legend that is


actually i could go on all day like most of you, the best film ever all depends what mood you are in!
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:55, 1 reply)
Here's a few to chew on:

Leon* - who would ever think that cinemagoers could feel pity and sympathy for the truest innocent in this film: a hitman (played with tender beauty by Jean Reno)?

Dogma - as a religion-free zone (oui, c'est moi) the idea of Alanis Morrisette being God shocks me. Alan Rickman as the Metatron, with the nasal voice, playing him as essentially bored, with the *great* Kevin Smith as Silent Bob (apart from the awful rip off line from Indiana Jones) and George Carlin as a cardinal - fantastic

The Usual Suspects - ah, but who is Kayser Soze? And Kevin Spacey is simply wonderful in this film with his playing to such a small audience with a character who may in turns be a savant and a savage.

Trainspotting - the only film I've ever seen in which Dale Winton uses the line "CD4 cells" which, for that alone, makes it memorable. Soundtrack is fabulous and the characters Renton surrounds himself with (especially Begbie) are astonishingly overportrayed.

Brassed Off* - a tale of beauty amongst the grime of a closing colliery. Couple this with the rather delectable Tara Fitzgerald (yum) and the acting of Pete Postlethwaite and you've a film with a message that would "bring a tear to a glass eye"

Apocalypse Now - the horror, the horror. Everything from the lead roles played to perfection to the bit parts including a young Mr H. Ford, through to the Ride of the Valkyries scene (which still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end)

When Harry Met Sally (yes, yes) - makes me laugh. And I'm a bloke. Yes, I know. Fruit pelters at the ready...

Good Morning Vietnam - if ever there was a film that was designed to harness the talents of one Mr R Williams it must have been it. Unlike many other films that he's been in, it actually looks like he was enjoying making this - actor or not.

Life of Brian - he's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy! Again, a total quote-fest.

American Beauty - another Kevin Spacey tale and one written and directed with such beauty and tenderness.

Lost in Translation - perhaps as a consequence of my perving over Scarlett Johansen and the films first shot being of Ms J's underpants(!) but other than this the feeling of being lost in a city and a culture where your own behaviours are foreign.

Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself - arthousey, admittedly, but beautifully portrayed account of mental illness and being "jolted therefrom" by real life.

* two films both guaranteed to have me in tears at the end. For reference, I'm a 30-odd year old bloke.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:53, 4 replies)
Donnie Darko
Just for the genuine insanity of it, still didnt get quite all of it.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:53, Reply)
The worst ever QOTW, Where's the imagination
A wrist cutters love story. was a cool filum because it is random, uniquely wierd and quite funny with a mushy ending that will keep the missus sweet. x
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:52, 4 replies)
My Favourite 3
-Dead Man's Shoes
-The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
-The Worlds Fastest Indian

excellent stuff
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:52, 1 reply)
Dead Man's Shoes
Directed by Shane Meadows

One of the few films I've watched that made me say 'Fucking hell, that was great' at the end of it.

It's the ultimate 'revenge' film, getting back at the bullies who tormented his spastic brother. The scene at the beginning in the pub is brilliant 'You, ya cunt!'

So many great quotes.
'Al fresco? That's up the bum aint it?'
'He's a fuckin nana'
'Don't mention the elephant'

It just goes to show that you don't need a budget or big name actors to make a great film.
I think it took 4 weeks in total to film it, which is pretty good going.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:50, 12 replies)
My Films and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Dammit.... 6th!!)
Number 1... Rocky. Without doubt.

Then possibly Donnie Darko.... for originality/head f*ck factor? Then in no particular order......

Rocky Balboa
Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile
The Breakfast Club
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy
The Exorcist
Clockwork Orange
Battle Royale

Now a serious query...... anyone else have to arrange their DVD collection in a certain way??? Is it severe OCD on my part? My collection are on a cabinet..... starts with Boxsets in size order (big-to-small), then Films from A-Z and their sequels, then single films from A-Z. Then Disney series and Wrestling DVDs in their own little section at the end. I'll make no mention of my 'special interest' section under the bed....... (.....doh!). And yes, you heard me.... I have Disney and Wrestling DVD's. What 26 year old bloke doesn't?
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:50, 1 reply)
"Wages of fear"
An old B&W French film about lorry drivers having to deliver explosive liquid. First half is quite dull as they set up the characters, but the 2nd half when they start driving is VERY VERY scary...
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:50, 5 replies)
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
Superman 4.
Batman and Robin.
Rocky IV.
Police Academy IV: Citizens on Patrol.
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:49, 4 replies)
Damn you Kaol!
I could never ever pick one film as my favourite as they fluctuate wildly depending on my moods. And I haven't seen most of the "classics" such as Star Wars, Gone With The Wind, Casablanca etc so here is my list of films.
Silly Film - Anchorman. It's ridiculous but it makes me laugh like a fool.

Weepy Film - So so so many. Il Postino for classic romance, The Sea Inside for a very long drawn out goodbye, Edward Scissorhands just because it's ace.

Beautiful Film - Three Colours Blue for amazing cinematography and music. And the beautiful Juliette Binoche always deserves a mention.

Feelgood Film - Little Miss Sunshine. I watched this in a cinema in Spain and so didn't fully understand every word and still laughed my ass off at certain points. Even better when I saw it in English.

Most Underrated Film - Stranger Than Fiction. Awesome cast and it gets me everytime.

Least Deserving of Praise - Sideways. I rarely have to walk away from a film but this was AWFUL. I have no idea why everyone made such a fuss about it.

Just an All Round Great Film - American Beauty. It's not indie, it won awards but quite frankly it's one of the rare films that I feel deserved all the praise it received.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure - Snoopy Come Home.

*runs away blushing*
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:49, 2 replies)
A list for you to chew on!
Shawshank Redemption - I don't think anyone can deny just how good this film is.
The Green Mile - I cried like a little girl at the end, but what a film.
Tora! Tora! Tora! - 1970 film about Pearl Harbour, absolutely fantastic, shits from a great height on the drivel that is the Ben Affleck version
Candyman - One of my favourite endings in Hollywood.
Transformers - I don't care how silly it is, saw it at the cinema, and was hooked!
Hot Shots (Both) - Still laugh my head off at these.
Naked Gun Trilogy - Same as Hot Shots.
Versus - Silly Japanese violent comedy, great for a laugh.
Akira - Breathtaking, even twenty years on!
Spirited Away & Howls Moving Castle - I know they're a bit girly, but such feelgood films!
Liar Liar - Still funny after 11 years, which is impressive for a recent hollywood comedy.
Fallen - Denzel Washington is phenomenal in this not-quite-as-famous-as-most-of-his-films
Pulp Fiction - Need I explain?
Goodfellas - Just makes me want to be a gangster!
EDIT: Boondock Saints!

Bad Films -
Cloverfield - Plot was poor, camera work was irritating, and I've felt more suspense watching Chuckle Brothers
AVP2 - Just dire. What a letdown.
Superbad - I just couldn't watch it, got half an hour in and turned it off.
Donnie Darko - Overrated.
Something About Mary - Ben Stiller manages to annoy me for the entire film.
Da Vinci Code - Complete and utter cack.

Well b3ta, you've opened up a can of worms here. I'll probably end up adding more over the week!
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:48, 6 replies)
I love this game!
Posts about Night Watch, Driller Killer and Fisting Firemen 9 to come this week.
(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:48, 6 replies)

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