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This is a question Filth!

Enzyme says: Tell us your tales of grot, grime, dirt, detritus and mess

(, Thu 2 Feb 2012, 13:04)
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Essen mein scheisse, ja?
Not really, but...

When my cat were but a mere slip of a kitty, just after I'd adopted him, he had some arse related issues. Mainly that due to a stomach infection, and some severe mistreatment in his previous home, he was having trouble holding down (and in fact, in) any solid food.

Essentially, after using his tray, his bumhole was so sore, it couldn't contract sufficiently to contain the last dribbles of effluvium.

He immediately got whisked to the vet, upon which she lifted his twitching tail, revealing a seriously unhappy sphincter and proclaimed, in her lilting Irish accent.

"See, there's your problem. He has an angry anus..."

Sad to say, this prompted me to dissolve into a fit of giggles, as all I could think was "that would make a great name for a German Death Metal band".

A year on, and the anus no longer struggles with anger issues, thanks to the beauty of antibiotics, and teh fluffeh is as fat and happy as a cat can be.
(, Mon 6 Feb 2012, 16:38, 6 replies)
Your pussy related story deserves a click.

(, Mon 6 Feb 2012, 16:43, closed)
My pussy has a nice ass.
(, Mon 6 Feb 2012, 16:52, closed)
I'd really like to nick
"has an angry anus.." for my sig.
(, Mon 6 Feb 2012, 22:12, closed)
You know when a cat gets really affectionate?
And they stick their tail straight up and try to rub their ass in your face?
Sometimes they are just getting wound up to spray their stink on you.
(, Tue 7 Feb 2012, 1:10, closed)
The correct term for angry anus in humans
is monkey bum
(, Tue 7 Feb 2012, 1:35, closed)
I will click "I like this"
when you post kitteh pics :P
(, Tue 7 Feb 2012, 16:16, closed)

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