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This is a question My first love

I can't remember her name. Rebecca I think. We used to play monkeys in the rhododendron bushes at the edge of the big playground. She was lovely. We were 5.

C'mon, tell us about your first love

(, Thu 20 Oct 2005, 10:31)
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try being on the receiving end of first love
for a while i volunteered for a nature organization, wandering about in the wilderness with children to expose them to nature and the like.

on our first day we herd all the kids into a circle, and as a means of inroducing ourselves to the group, have each kid say their name and something that they like.

we went around the circle, until we came to the little boy next to me, who said the following, now-infamous lines:

"my name is joey and i like girls!"

he then proceeded to climb into my lap, wrap his arms around my neck and look smugly at his companions.

a very, very strange nature hike followed with constant requests to joey to let go of my hand while my fellow hike leaders looked on laughing.
(, Sun 23 Oct 2005, 6:40, Reply)

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