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This is a question Things we do to fit in

"When I was fifteen," writes No3L, "I curled up in a Budgens trolley while someone pushed it through the supermarket doors to nick vodka and Benny Hedgehogs, just to hang out with my brother and his mates."

What have you done to fit in?

(, Thu 15 Jan 2009, 12:30)
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Utterly, utterly shit
These are as dull as a really dull thing.

At college a couple of the really cool girls in my Sociology class had these brilliant metallic navy vinyl bags. So I got one thinking their cool would rub off on me. Well, the cool girls approved of my new bag but no-one else paid a blind bit of notice. Bugger.

At school my friend had a long beaded necklace she wore as a bracelet wound several times round her wrist. It looked the nuts! My attempt... didn't.

A bunch of people here have iPods and I got jealous, so I went and bought me a 160gb classic. I now get abused for having such a massive plod when I should've paid attention to what plods people have here... mainly shuffles and nanos. D'oh!

And the worst? My best friend and a whole bunch of friends I went to school and college with absolutely adore Bon Jovi & Meatloaf and always have done ever since I can remember. So I taped Bat Out Of Hell and Crossroads off a lesser friend just to pretend I had the same taste in music as my close friends. I don't. I hate Bon Jovi and Meatloaf with a furious vengeance. To prove my point, I'm sat typing this listening to The Chemical Brothers* at full blast on my (160gb - dagnabbit!) plod.

*You must be joking if I'm telling you some of the other stuff I've crammed into my plod, y'know, the Abba, Steps, Disn- aw fukkit!

Length? It's 160gb (why?!) damnit! I've got at least a week's worth of solid music listening at my fingertips here!
(, Thu 15 Jan 2009, 13:33, closed)
ipod god
Hmmmmm, but when the shuffle on your plod turns up a tune that hits the spot, don't we all say a quiet thank you to the ipod god which a) made you shove the damned thing on your 160gb behemoth, and b) chose that exact moment to play it?
(, Thu 15 Jan 2009, 21:41, closed)
Ah, wise Meister
You typeth the truth. I also then hasten to the circle of noise and crank the volume right up and cheerily bop along like a special while blood runs out my ears.

Sod it, I love my monster plod. It hath room for every amazing song on earth.
(, Fri 16 Jan 2009, 18:12, closed)

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