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This is a question Flirting

Do you flirt with check-out girls just for the heck of it? Are you a check-out girl and flirt with sad-looking middle-aged men for fun? Are you Vernon Kay? Tell us about flirting triumphs and disasters

Thanks to Che Grimsdale for the suggestion

(, Thu 18 Feb 2010, 13:00)
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I'm a terrible flirt
That's why i'm single.
(, Thu 18 Feb 2010, 14:29, closed)
Ha Ha!
Never a truer word said in jest
(, Thu 18 Feb 2010, 14:31, closed)
It's true for me!
(, Thu 18 Feb 2010, 14:35, closed)
I'm uttlerly oblivious to people flirting with me
My ex used to get annoyed with me when females used to flirt with me, I assumed they knew I had a GF and were just being friendly. And so the conversation afterward in the taxi home would involve her muttering about the female acquaintances and me not having a clue what she was going on about.

Eventually she realized that I was in fact utterly useless at flirting and it was pointless being annoyed with me.

And that is why, even now, I'm single because when a lady does flirt with me I either miss it completely, or realise, panic and run away :(
(, Thu 18 Feb 2010, 18:36, closed)

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