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This is a question Foot in Mouth Syndrome

What's the worst social gaffe you've ever made? When you know you've said the wrong thing to the wrong person and wish the ground would swallow you up. In other words you've just contracted a bad case of foot in mouth syndrome. Tell us your stories and we'll share your pain.

(, Tue 20 Apr 2004, 22:27)
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Not really a personal gaffe, but.
A few years, ifnot decades ago : I was playing pool with my friend, in this really great coffeeshop (I'm from the Netherlands, so no drinking coffee in there *wink wink nodge nodge*), which was just across the street of where i was living, and i used to hop in once and awhile to shoot some pool.

This coffeeshop used to be full of black people, but we (being white as white) never really minded, as we never had any problems with them, or they with us.

Playing pool wasn't charged per hour, but you could insert coins to retrieve all the balls : Thus , making the 8-ball kinda holy, as when it went in, the game was over (or lame switching to 'purple whole is the 8-ball now')

So halfway the game, my friend almost knocks in the 8-ball, and , in horror of seeing the game being ended so quickly, and thus kinda losing your money, i shouted out :'WATCHOUT, FOR THE BLACK ONE !'

Almost as in a movie i imagined the barmusic to stop immedeately , every black dude in there looking at us two whities :)

Did not go back for a game of pool for some time ;)
(, Fri 23 Apr 2004, 4:01, Reply)

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