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This is a question Getting Away With It

Let us know about the things you got away with that you perhaps really shouldn't have.

(, Tue 25 Jul 2017, 13:37)

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I had a mate I shared a flat with, I was a student, he was an apprentice electrician in the state's biggest plastics factory
He came home one evening from work white as a ghost. He'd been wiring up some factory lights to a circuit board when he'd accidently tripped the fire alarm. The emergency system had injected retardant foam into the giant vats of plastic, causing them to cool solid. It took over a week and lots of money to get them operational again, during which time most of the contract workers were out of work without pay. He was shitting himself that they'd trace it back to him, which they never did.
On a side note I had a hydroponic set up in our flat, with four plants that were doing rather well. My mate stole 2 2000w metal halide lights used to light up a factory which we thought would make them grow like the clappers. Instead it killed them all through heat stress in the space of a day.
(, Thu 27 Jul 2017, 13:45, closed)
lol, "retard"

(, Fri 28 Jul 2017, 12:44, closed)

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